* Used with permission of Scripture Union, Adelaide South Australia.

Copyright holder. Original edition (C) 1986.

* Designed for the Christian setting out to read the Bible for the

first time.

Foot Hold


You are about to begin an exciting 100 days journey ... a trek through the

Bible. FOOTHOLD is an introduction to the message of the Bible. It will give

you a good grip on some important themes for living ... a foothold for your


Although FOOTHOLD is ideal for use with the GOOD NEWS BIBLE, it can be

easily used with other modern versions.

Set time aside and establish a simple pattern for using this book.

Happy travelling!

Acknowledgments ...

Originally prepared by Jacqueline Sibley and John Lane for

Scripture Union.

Prepared in electronic format by UNITED CHRISTIAN COMMUNICATIONS

and THE WORD BBS, Adelaide South Australia.




BEFORE The Bible is no ordinary book.

YOU BEGIN It is full of historical events, but it is not a history book.

It touches subjects studied by scientists but it is not a science


It introduces the big questions of philosophers but it is not a

phiosophical work.

It contains some great and beautiful amterial but it is not a

literary masterpiece.

The Bible is a book about God. It tells us what he is like. It is

a book about people - the kind of people God wants us to be and the

kind of life he wants us to lead.

You can try to read the Bible like an ordinary book, if you like.

But if you seriously want to meet God and find his help in your

life, you will find this book reading you!

Open your eyes and your mind as you explore new territory!

FOOTHOLD will help you sample the main themes of the Bible.

Remember three things.

1. ASK Christians describe the Bible as INSPIRED. It is true that it

THE communicates deep insight in powerful and inspiring ways. But more

GUIDE important, we can say it is inpired because it comes from God as

his message. God is the primary Author, the Biblical writers are

authors in a secondary sense.

So the Bible is both human and divine. It is God's own witness to


So when you begin to read, settle your mind to meet the Author! Ask

him to help you understand his message.

2. EXPLORE As you read, look around, take in the view. Explore! Ask

THE yourself the THINK questions listed for each reading.



What is the main point?

What does it teach about God - the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, or

the Holy Spirit?

Is there a special command, promise, warning or example that you

should note?

What fresh insight does the passage give into yourself, your

situation or your relationship?

Jot down your thoughts in a notebook. Chart your progress. Use it

as a journal of your trek through the Bible.

3. FOLLOW Take your discoveries seriously.


If you are prompted to act on the teachings of the Bible, take

steps to do what you know is required.

Turn intentions into action.

If you are left with further questions, follow them up. Ask a more

experienced Christian for help or for some advice about a helpful

book to read.

If there are things you should confess or put right, don't delay.

It may seem hard but it will be an important growth experience for


If you think we can help, call or write your nearest Scripture

Union office.