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When I first received these files, I thought they were related to the

issue of homosexuality and what the Bible says about the subject. After

reading through them, however, I discovered something far different. I was

originally going to, in light of what I guessed the files were about, going

to drop them all into my Issues And Ethics download directory. After reading

the first sixty some files, however, I realized to do so would not express

the true nature of the files and their content. After some consideration, I

realized I had no download directory on my bulletin board where these files

would fit. I thus opted to form a new directory which would be set aside for

dealing with the ministry aspect of homosexuality. I personally, for many

years, have been interested in becoming involved in such a ministry but the

door never seemed to open until now. I feel honored that the Lord has given

me a small part in a ministry to the homosexual.

These files deal with mostly male homosexuality, wives and mothers of

homosexuals and some deal with specific Biblical issues which will minister

to anyone involved with such a life style. They are not condemnatory, as far

as I have been able to determine, and they are very specific in educating

both the heterosexual and homosexual to the real issues and problems in this

life style.

If you have anything to add or know of any other such materials which

could be added to these files, please let me know. Additionally, any local

and national ministries dealing with these issues would be helpful. I will

attempt to incorporate such information here for those who will benefit from



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