Providing The Way Back For The Homosexual


Exodus South Pacific

... is a coalition of Christian ministries in the South Pacific region

whose prime goal is to offer a way back for those who have gone down

the path of HOMOSEXUALITY.



Christian and understanding counsel for those who have a problem with

homosexuality, so that they may be brought to an awareness of how freedom

and wholeness can be theirs through Jesus Christ


Members of families who discover that another member of the family is

homosexual, enabling them to cope with their situation and discover how

they can help the homosexual member back to wholeness.


Pastors, youth leaders and counsellors who would like specialised

assistance when faced with this problem in their respective areas of



Churches, schools, community, media and government concerning



All ministry is provided on the understanding that homosexuality is

considered a learned behavioural response, precipitated by an emotional

deficiency early in childhood, which has created a confused identity for

the person concerned. Inasmuch as we believe that the person may not be

responsible for the conditions which caused the confused identity, they are

ultimately responsible for their response to homosexuality, being a

decision made for whatever reason.

Whereas we understand homosexuality to be a sin in the sight of God, our

intention is to reach out in compassion in the same way that Jesus would

have done, to the person who wishes not to be a homosexual in orientation

or practice. In providing understanding counsel in a non-judgemental

environment Exodus South Pacific endeavours to bring to the person seeking

release, an opportunity to express their fears, doubts and needs in an

atmosphere of love and confidentiality. In so doing, we believe that it

will open the way for the person's true identity to be restored as God

intended it. This in turn will enable them to be released from their

homosexuality and find salvation and forgiveness from a loving God through

Jesus Christ.

As a Christian Ministry it is our intention that every repentant person

(committed to) seeking a way out of homosexuality should become a fully

accepted, essential member of the local Christian Church, being a necessary

part of their need for acceptance as a new creation in Christ. The Church

then becomes the agent whereby the former homosexual is able to grow into

maturity, gain emotional wholeness and experience God as their Father.

What Exodus South Pacific Offers

In whatever means we are operating, first and foremost our motivation will

ensure that each individual acting on behalf of Exodus South Pacific, does

so with compassion for the people they are called upon to assist. We

realize that all of us are what we are by the grace of God.

In helping those that come to us for counsel, we shall according to the

level of need engage in any of the following activities as resources are

available, to achieve the persons desire for freedom from homosexuality.


For counsel and support


Face to face or by telephone on a regular basis


Provide a person who will give moral, spiritual and practical support as a

means of strength and encouragement to freedom


Place the individual in a church community where they will experience

corporate support by way of fellowship, worship and commitment


Regular Mutual Support Group meetings in an accepting environment which

will assist in developing personal worth and self esteem.


Where it is necessary to relocate an inquirer, we hope to provide suitable


In Essence

Exodus South Pacific is cross denominational in appeal, evangelical in

belief and Biblical in expression. The all embracing nature of the love of

God means that member organisations operate in a unity of spirit with each

other, opening the door for their resources to be made available to the

whole church and community in general. Any person, church organisation,

educational establishment or community who would like to avail themselves

of the resources of Exodus South Pacific or offer supportive prayer, help

meet financial needs or provide practical help, are asked to contact the

member organisation listed on the back of this brochure.

he restores my soul;

he guides me in the

paths of righteousness

for his names sake.

Ps 23:3

Exodus South Pacific In Adelaide and South Australia Is:


G.P.O. Box 1115


Phone (08) 371-0446

For further information about homosexuality or about other areas of sexual

brokenness, please contact the above address.


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