What should you as a Christian do if you meet a homosexual? How should you

act? What should you say? Here are some helpful pointers:

1. See a person, not a homosexual.

How would you approach anyone you felt needed Christ? A good book here

might be Paul Little's, "How To Give Away Your Faith". There's nothing

special about homosexuality. It isn't the worst sin in God's book. People

dealing with homosexuality are generally looking for love. Jesus is the

answer for that need.

2. Remember that the Gospel means "good news".

Be sure to present a Saviour, not a code of ethics. Jesus is a real

person, not a life philosophy. Don't be so concerned about a particular

type of sin. God wants to redeem the WHOLE person, not just his sexuality.

3. Know what you are offering.

You are giving them Jesus, not heterosexuality. God is concerned about

responsible sexuality, responsible use of the gift of sexuality that He has

given to us. When that individual comes to Christ, he will come into

celibacy as an act of obedience to God's Word. You are initially offering

him power to do that in Christ, because it can be a very difficult

behaviour to stop. His homosexual feelings are not going to change

overnight. That will come with time, healing, and the care and concern of


4. Actively love that person.

Words can be so empty. Demonstrate your caring by listening, by calling,

by spending time, sitting together in church. Love is a verb.

5. Don't be afraid to hear some "gory" details.

Some folks don't know how to express themselves in any way but street

language. Listen with love and respond as you seek the counsel of Jesus.

But love 'em where they're at.

6. Don't be afraid to say, "I love You."

Don't be afraid to touch, hug, hold hands in prayer. We all need that

physical affirmation of love from one another. Touching is not sexual,

it's loving. Gays need to relearn the context of love outside of sex.

7. Share your life.

Many ex-gays are surprised to realize that "regular folks" have also

experienced rejection, hurt, insecurity, frustration, loneliness self-pity,

lust ... That helps them put their lives in perspective and makes them

feel less isolated.

8. Point them away from their sexual sin.

Help them to see Jesus, the answer to all their sins. Avoid making

homosexuality the focus of your conversations. It will only draw them in

further. For the same reason, avoid referring to them as ex-gay. They are

WHOLE people in Christ. They are Christians.

9. Care enough to confront.

If your friend is slipping into old ways of thinking about himself or old

ways of behaving, lovingly remind him of what God has done in his life and

how much he stands to lose. Stick with him when the going is rough. Be

very careful how you interpret and use verses like "casting your pearls

before swine" and "delivering over to a reprobate mind". Don't give up

easily on someone who is having a hard time.

10. Tell them about us.

Share Scriptures like I Corinthians. 6:11, "... and such WERE some of you."

The testimony of others who have been set free will be an encouragement.

"Faith cometh by hearing ..."


-- Robbi Kenney & Ed Hurst


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