Hopefully, this sheet will clear up some misunderstandings about our

ministry to the gay community. Love In Action - San Rafael, was formed in

1973 to bring help and comfort to homosexuals emerging from the gay

lifestyle. Through group meetings, gays were able to share their trials

and difficulties, as well as their victories. As word of our ministry

began to spread (through the media as well as the testimonies of our

members), misconceptions began to come about. The world is not overly

interested in hearing stories of suffering and pain, but likes to hear of

miraculous cures. We all have been programmed to expect instant results.

Daily, we are fed so much information that unless what we are hearing is

startling news, it doesn't warrant our attention.

The Instant Cure.

Not only the world at large, but the Christian world has come to expect

immediate results.

Christians want to hear of instant healings. We long for the day when, in

a twinkling of an eye, we will be changed into new creatures. Yes, we

Christians along with the world expect "zap" results. We receive letters

and phone calls with this view in mind. Can we or can't we change a

homosexual? One letter read, "I hear that you change homosexuals into

heterosexuals." A telephone caller said, "I just have three minutes.

Please tell me what to do to change myself to heterosexuality."

The Gay Response.

The gay community picked up on this idea also, and began to write articles

depicting us as deprogrammers. The anti-gay rights groups began to use us

to further their own ends. We became examples or role models, that gays

choose to be gay and that anyone can come out of homosexuality. So what is

the truth? Are gays living in a lifestyle that they have chosen? Do

homosexuals become heterosexuals? If I answer an unqualified "Yes!" to

these questions, the world will listen and take notice.

Gay to Straight ?

For the Christian world, a "Yes" answer is many times all they want to

hear. Anything beyond that is just insignificant details. The anti-gay

rights groups have already answered "Yes" for us and will not listen to

anything that we have to say. Their ears are closed, for they fear the

qualifications. Anything that will modify the answer is bad news and

counter-productive to their cause. To the gay community, anything but a

"Yes" answer is no answer at all. It's either "yes" or it's a lie. They

recognize no conditional factors at all. Either we turn homosexuals into

heterosexuals, or we don't.

Our Answer.

At no time has Love In Action - San Rafael, stridently proclaimed a new-

found cure for homosexuality.

We do not proclaim a method or a system, but a Person: Jesus Christ.

Scripture tells us that the world cannot receive the things of God, that

caught up in its own vain imaginings and foolish reasonings, the world is

blinded to the Truth. Although we are admonished to be a people set apart

from the world (to be in the world but not of it), the world is still very

much a part of Christian thinking. Along with the world, we Christians

still look to the world's wisdom for guidance. We expect and even demand

that God respond in ways that are acceptable in the eyes of the world.

The Healing Process

If God heals someone over a long time span, we do not accept this as a

miracle from God, but attribute it to the workings of "nature". It's "zap"

or nothing. We will not accept anything less from our God. He is a

miraculous God or He is not God at All. Unfortunately, this type of

thinking has seriously prevented homosexuals from receiving help.

Attending one of our group meetings can be very disillusioning to someone

who comes expecting immediate results. They go away thinking that Love In

Action - San Rafael is not much more than an ordinary Bible study group.

Few people have the time or patience to learn of the trials and struggles

in coming out of gayness. Few Christians stop to think that they

themselves were not "zapped" into a new existence the day that they

accepted Jesus into their life. Because change was not instant, does it

therefore not exist?

From Glory To Glory.

Change can best be measured by looking back. Where were you one year ago

today - - what were your thoughts, your attitudes? Change comes about

silently, unknowingly. Job said "All the days I will wait, till my change

and release shall come" (Job 14:14). Yet in many ways, Job was changing as

he spoke those words. Change was happening within him at that very moment.

Change is a constant, on-going process. The Amplified Bible says in II

Corinthians 3:18, "We are constantly being transfigured into His very own

image in ever-increasing splendour from one degree of glory to another, for

this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit." Yes, change does come to the


There are hundred of us who were formerly homosexual that can testify to

this fact!

But change does not always come about in ways that are acceptable by the

world's standards. The world (and unfortunately, much of the Christian

community) expects the former homosexual to prove in some way that he is no

longer gay. His testimony is not enough; we ask for visible signs. Just

as the scribes and Pharisees badgered Jesus, so Christians ask for signs

that the homosexual is no longer gay. What can these signs be?

Signs of Change.

The world and the church find it imperative that the ex-gay be in a

relationship with a member of the opposite sex, one that can clearly be

seen as leading to marriage. Should his choice be to lead a single life,

one solely devoted to serving his Lord, this is viewed as unacceptable and

a sign that he is not really changed at all. He is distrusted. This

option is not open to him. Even lust is viewed as healthy and a sign from

God, just as long as it is heterosexual lust. Many articles written by

Christians favour heterosexual lust for the former gay. Yes, the world

still has strong inroads into the thinking processes of Christians.

Many former homosexuals do in time marry and raise a family.

Marriage is a real possibility and must not be discounted. But it must

not be a sign that is demanded of the former gay.

Causes of Homosexuality.

What about the claims of the anti-gay groups that gays are that way by

choice - - is this true? There is no easy answer here. Life patterns are

said to be set by seven years of age. How can choice play an important

part here?

But by that age, only the pre-conditioning exists for gayness. The reality

is still years away.

Viewing my own life, had not my minister been homosexual, I am sure my

homosexuality could have been diverted while I was in my early teens.

So a pre-disposition to gayness does not mean that homosexuality is


Choice to some degree does exist. The initial choice is not one of

accepting the whole gay lifestyle, but a simple one of accepting love from

someone of the same sex.

The Lordship Of Christ.

"Gay by choice" is a harsh, condemning, damning, unrealistic statement to

make. Few ever heard the word "homosexual" or had any knowledge of the

lifestyle when they came close to someone for the first time. Do we change

homosexuals into heterosexuals? No, Love In Action - San Rafael, does not

do this, but Jesus Christ can! Yet even Jesus does not work against our


The change process only can come about through total submission to Christ

as Lord, and a dying to self.

The height of victory equals the depth of submission. Dying to self is

sometimes a long, painful, suffering process. Self stands in the way

between us and Christ's life-changing power. But "to as many as did

receive and welcome Him, He gave the right to become the children of God."

(John 1:12, Amplified Bible).

- - Frank Worthen


For further information about homosexuality or about other areas of sexual

brokenness, please contact:


G.P.O. Box 1115


Phone (08) 371-0446

This article is reprinted by permission from:

Love In Action

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