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Don't Give In.

Every day in our lives we are faced with choices. Often the "pleasures of

the moment" seem so much more real than God's promise to sustain us through

the temptation. You wouldn't be the first Christian to see an occasion to

sin and then long to give in "just for a little while." The Epistle of

James and the book of Romans say much about the reality of our carnal

nature that wars against us.

Don't Turn Back.

Piled up guilt, frustration, bitterness, and self-contempt coupled with a

failure experience can be hooks that Satan uses to lure you back into a

life of sin. If thoughts of turning back grip you, ask God for wisdom to

see what it is that's really bothering you. "Search me, O God, and know my

heart, Try me, and know my thoughts. See if there be any wicked way in me

and lead me in the way everlasting.

Don't Run On Your Own Steam.

So many times when I have found myself "in the pits" it's because I've been

trying to run on my own power. I get so busy that I don't find time to

pray or read the Bible. I hear thoughts like, "Can't read the Word now,

I've got to catch up on the correspondence," running through my head. It

takes only a day or two of this neglect for me to experience a noticeable

weakening in my spirit. It is good to remember that "the life that I now

live, I live by the faith of the Son of God."

Don't Look For Instant Answers.

It is so easy for us to assume that once God has turned His spotlight on a

needy area in our life that area is settled once and for all. That's just

the beginning. God desires to build patience in us through the "testimony

of our faith," through "trials and temptation." We keep learning the

answers more deeply as we grow in Jesus. God sometimes provides an instant

answer so that men might see His power. More often He molds us into His

image daily that men might see His character.

Don't Depend On Formulas.

The only sure remedy for sin is in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Beyond

that men may have different ideas about the roots of sin, confession, and

repentance, the need for inner healing, deliverance, and discipleship.

Each of these things are valid ways of dealing with sin, but whenever any

one of them turns into a formula the effectiveness dwindles drastically.

Don't Build Walls.

The most common root of sexual sin is rejection. The most common response

to rejection is to develop defense mechanisms that keep us from getting

hurt. They also keep us from being helped. Learn to see yourself as a

vital part of the Body of Christ. Let the rest of the Body get to know you

a bit.

Don't Settle For Less Than God's Best.

For many of us, we were down so low that almost anything is an improvement.

We tend to measure things by comparison. For instance, if I used to be

suicidal, and now, I'm only depressed 98 percent of the time, then I've

really made some progress. But the fact remains that I still have a long

way to go. There are a number of areas in our lives where we might be

tempted to say "I've arrived," or "This is it. This is God's place for

me." It's good to remind ourselves that He is able to do exceeding

abundantly above all that we can ask or think before we settle in too

comfortable on some plateau that we've mistaken for a mountaintop.

Don't Lose Perspective.

Remember that God sees all sin -- from self-righteousness to sexual

immorality, from lying to lusting -- through the same eyes. The eternal

consequences are the same. But He sees all of those who have been washed

in the blood of His Son -- regardless of their sin background -- through

the same eyes, too. These to Him are all dear sons and daughters, precious

children, covered with robes of righteousness.

Don't Forget Who You Are.

Your new identity is Christian, which means "follower of Christ." Don't be

deceived into focusing on one area of your past and thinking that this is

who you are. Every single Christian, past, present, and future, has the

same standing. We are all ex-sinners, ex-children of darkness. We need to

forget about the former things and press on toward the mark of the high

calling in Christ Jesus.

Don't Lose Sight Of Jesus.

This one sounds so simple, doesn't it? How may times have you heard it?

How many times have you needed to hear it? Haven't you noticed that when

the problems start, it's usually when you've gotten upset or frazzled and

your focus is on your feelings rather than on Him? Or you panic over some

situation and you forget to turn to Him? Or you're feeling condemned and

you're ashamed to talk to Him?

Sometimes people let you down, one after another, over and over again.

Because you can't reach them, you kick at Him. Sometimes the pity-party

feels so comforting that you'd rather wallow in it for awhile. And

sometimes you get so caught up with "being a Christian" or "living by the

book" that you're only going through the motions. You're not really living

by His strength.

Often times people can block your view of Jesus. Perhaps it's an ex-lover.

Perhaps it's a Christian friend who you feel you couldn't live without. Or

a pastor, counsellor, or minister who has played an important role in your

life. It could even be a church, a fellowship, or a denomination.

Regardless of who it is or how strong a role they have had in your life,

Jesus must come first.

It's very easy to lose sight of Him. It's even easier to see how quickly

our old carnal nature surfaces when we do. We have to make this the

central theme of our Christian walk -- keeping our eyes on Jesus. I am

convinced that Satan will use whatever tactics possible -- whether it be

guilt, sin, worry or anxiety, fear, self-pity, personality conflicts, daily

hassles, urgent tasks or any other number of things -- to distract us or

to break our communion with Jesus. Our goal, once we've realized that the

communion has been broken, is to restore it as soon as possible.

I have found that whatever the circumstances are, He has always been

waiting with out-stretched arms when I have returned from my journey into

self and the pressures of the day-to-day routine. I have found that '"the

steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercy never comes to an end.

They are new every morning ... Great is His faithfulness!"

I trust that you have found or will find the same.

-- Ed Hurst


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