"I am a parent who has a child in the gay life. I pray for him, but often

wonder if I am praying the right things. Just how do you pray for someone

caught up in homosexuality?"

-- Puzzled Parent



Dear Parent:

As you may know, my son is in the gay lifestyle. I have prayed many

different prayers for him through the years. Since I received your letter,

I have thought about my prayers and decided to write down this morning's

prayer for my son:


"Dear precious Lord, I thank You for my son, I also thank You that our

relationship has been so good lately. You know how much I love him. But

Lord, help me to stand firm in my convictions, and never compromise Your

Word in fear of losing him.

"Oh Lord, I pray that You will save him. Peel back the layers of deception

from his eyes, so he can see his life for what it is. Melt the bitterness

in his heart about things past, and his anger toward You.

"Lord, I pray for his lover. Father, save him also. Reveal Your great

love toward him. Use me as Your tool, Your hands, and mouth to bring the

good news of Your love.

"Father, I pray You will protect them from disease and death. Yet, Father,

I know that You deal with all of us individually, knowing just what we need

and when we need it. Keep me from standing in Your way. Help me to be

strong when I see difficulties arise. Let me allow YOU to save him and

know that I CANNOT. Help me to daily hand him over to You and trust You

with what is best.

"Thank you Father, for placing in my heart the deep hope and conviction

that my son will come to know You. Thank you that I am able to share daily

with the sons of other mothers. What a privilege to serve You, In Jesus'

Name. Amen."


-- Anita Worthen


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