The Search For Intimacy


If you're gay, you understand hurt. Rejection. Fear. Disillusionment.

Guilt. Anger. And misunderstanding.


A gay life style offers many promises. Freedom, independence, pride,

sympathetic understanding, compassion, fulfilled desire, honesty. More

than anything, perhaps, it offers honesty.


Unlike straights, the homosexual has struggled through two traumatic

births: the natural birth, and the personal birth of self-acceptance.

Both passages are marked by pain and great labour, but the product of the

natural birth quickly forgets. The product of the personal birth remembers



A cruel deception torments the gay community, however. Once the "birth" is

accomplished and the homosexual comes out of the closet, the promises are

not kept. At first there may be relief, and perhaps the euphoria of

newness. But the gay lifestyle can never satisfy the deepest desires and

longing of the homosexual man or woman. At best, it brings temporary

diversion. At worst, it kills.


Why? Because the desires and longings of homosexuals are the desires and

longings of humanity. A longing for God has been built into us. A longing

we cannot escape. And He alone has the power to satisfy it.


Perhaps you have heard this truth, and rejected it because God did not

deliver you from your impulses, desires, or temptations. Please hear what

He says to you: He does not promise deliverance, but He promises victory.

Complete, total victory.


Yes, there will be struggles for awhile; yes, there will be self-denial.

Without those battles you could not celebrate victory. God wants you to

join Him. He wants to go with you through the trial, and celebrate with

you the triumph.


Do you see what will happen to you if you choose God's process? Step by

step, minute by minute, you will walk in intimate fellowship with Him. And

isn't that what you wish so desperately? That is what God wants from you,



Is it a trap? Having accepted God's word for yourself, will you be a

celibate prisoner, denying yourself genuine pleasures? No! The God who

made you, who created your senses and gave you rich sensitivity, can guide

you into complete fulfilment. He wants to satisfy. When you open yourself

up to God's healing power, you have hope for a "normal" life. He will

gradually restore His creative order in you as you live close to Him.


God does not want to judge you. He wants to forgive. He has the power to

keep His promises, and He will not fail.


You may need yet another birth ... the spiritual birth. Come to God and

let Him show you His love. He knows your pain and guilt and rejection, and

He understands. He knows exactly what you need, and promises to give the

desires of your heart.


Will you give Him a Chance?


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