Biological Determinism

To understand man fully, we must look at him as a biological,

psychological, and spiritual being. With the advancement of science, the

study of man has become dichotomised into biological, psychological, and

spiritual. Although the rationale for these divisions may appear obvious

to us, man has had no cause for these divisions heretofore. The ancient

Hebrew mind would see no divisions between soul and body.

In studying the healing of man, the professional is taught to be aware of a

psychological basis for physical illness and a physical basis for

psychological distress. Doctors frequently report that they could not

find anything wrong with their patients, yet they were suffering physical

distress. On the other hand, treatment for an abscessed tooth has been

known to relieve depression. Finally, the fact that drug therapy is

effective in the treatment of psychological disorders, testifies that there

is a very close connection between the biology and psychology of man.

Although man is biological, psychological, and spiritual, these three

aspects are closely interrelated.

Application To Homosexuality

The literature and teaching materials published by Metanoia [Love In Action

] and other EXODUS ministries emphasize that homosexuality is a sin that

God is willing, ready, and able to forgive. (I Corinthians 6:11).

Dealing with homosexuality from a spiritual perspective includes

confession, re-pentance, forgiveness, assurance of pardon, along with inner

healing prayer and the integration of Christianity with general counseling


From a psychological perspective we have been strongly influenced by the

work of Elizabeth Moberly who defines the homosexual condition as:

"some deficit in the relationship with the parent of the same sex;

[combined with] a corresponding drive to make good this deficit through the

medium of same-sex or 'homosexual' relationships."

To resolve the homosexual condition, the defensive detachment must be

broken and the legitimate need for same-sex love must be filled. Ed

Hurst in his book. Homosexuality: Laying the Axe to the Roots, speaks of

similar dynamics as well as speaking of a number of other contributing


Taking the spiritual or Christian approach integrated with the

psychological evidence, we feel that we have an excellent handle on how to

help an individual resolve his or her homosexuality. And we have found

this approach to be effective.

Frequently, when I am speaking at various groups, the question of biology

is raised, "I've been told that homosexuals are born that way." This

statement suggest that the person's hormones or genes predetermines him to

be homosexual. The conclusion, then, is that homosexuality is an

unchangeable physical condition with which the person must learn to live;

and that no amount of psychological treatment or spiritual care, short of a

miracle, will free someone from his homosexuality or make him heterosexual.

These arguments along with the Female Primacy Theory, which states that all

people are supposed to be female, were given to my parents to help them

accept my homosexual orientation.

Genetic Theory discarded....

It is helpful at this point, to take a look at what the major researchers

say about a biological basis for homosexuality. Masters and Johnson, the

famous sex therapists, who have no objections to homosexuality per se,

stated in their book Human Sexuality:

"The genetic theory of homosexuality has been generally discarded today";


"despite the interest in possible hormone mechanisms in the origin of

homosexuality, no serious scientist today suggests that a simple cause-

effect relationship applies." (p. 319-320).

The Sex Information and Educational Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), an

organisation, which advocates homosexuality, states in their book Sexuality

and Man:

"Man does not from birth possess an instinctive desire to achieve any

specific goal in regard to sex, but that his sexual behaviour is at any

time the cumulative result of the learning and conditioning experience he

had." (p. 74).

Lawrence Hatterer, a psychiatrist, who works with men desiring freedom from

homosexuality (from a secular point of view), states in his book Changing

Homosexuality in the Male:

"Homosexuals are made, not born."

On-going research continues to validate this point. There is no evidence

to suggest any biological cause or reason for the homosexual condition.

Female Primacy Theory.

Between the sixth and ninth week of pregnancy a transformation takes place

in the XY (male) fetus. Prior to this time, both the male and the female

fetus are developing with female genitalia. Between the sixth and ninth

week of pregnancy, the XY (male) fetus places a demand for the hormone

androgen on the mother. The androgen will cause the "ovaries" to transform

into testicles and then to descend down the fallopian tubes. Secondly,

the newly formed testicles will begin producing testosterone, which in turn

will cause a penis to develop where the clitoris would have developed in

the XX (female) baby.

In the XX (female) baby, another hormone, cortisone is secreted to block

the effects of the androgen. If the cortisone doesn't block the androgen,

the female child will be born with some masculine traits.

The Female Primacy Theory states that the Y chromosome is really a damaged

X and that all people are really supposed to be female. The conclusion is:

"maleness is only a freak occurrence of nature."

The biology raises questions: Does an insufficient amount of androgen and

testosterone cause homosexuality to develop in the male? Does an

insufficient amount of cortisone cause lesbianism to develop in the female?

From the information summarized above, we believe that biology does not

determine the sexual orientation of the individual. The evidence and

experiences in counseling suggest that homosexuality is caused by

psychological factors, (i.e. Moberly, Hurst, Worthen etc.). Finally, there

is nothing in the literature to suggest that the homosexual male is in any

way biologically significantly different than his heterosexual counterpart.

There is no significant difference between his chromosomes, hormones, nor

the physical appearances of either.

Implications To Homosexuality

It is somewhat comforting to know that the biological aspects of man play

little to no role in the development of homosexuality. If a biological

basis could be found, that would have major implications for the handling

of the homosexual person, first, it might be possible to treat

homosexuality through drug or other therapy. To date this has proved

ineffective. Secondly, if as the current evidence suggest, homosexuality

is not amendable to medical treatment, and there is no psychological basis

for it, the homosexual community would have a basis for claiming that they

are indeed a legitimate minority group entitled to the same rights and

privileges of other minorities based on physical handicap.

Frequently, both our clients and others in the lifestyle claim that they

were aware of their homosexuality or aware that something was different

about them from a very early age. This awareness only means that the roots

to homosexuality are established early in life, not that they are

biologically determined. If, as we believe, the evidence points out,

homosexuality is a psychological condition, then our hope for successful

treatment dramatically increases. What is learned can be unlearned or

learned anew. This also allows Exodus ministries and other helping

professionals to concentrate on specific areas leading to change.

Ultimately, this means that counsel for the homosexual presented in a

totally secular format will be successful. Although that fact helps

validate our techniques, we regret that the Christian principles may be

pulled out at some point.

Metanoia's [and South Australia's Love In Action 's] goal has always been

to lead individuals into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ over any

other person or thing.

--Douglas A Houck


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