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In this article, we will probe into the development of homosexuality. Is

it genetic or learned behaviour? What part do parents play? Peers?

Included in the discussion will be some measures parents can take to ensure

healthy development of their children's identity.

There are no simple answers about homosexuality. No one has all the

answers on the causes, although it is our firm conviction that

homosexuality is LEARNED BEHAVIOUR. The foremost researchers in this field

are in agreement: homosexuality is not genetic or inborn. It is not

caused by a person's genes or hormones, but by psychological and social

factors in a child's life. There seems to be a multiplicity of factors in

the causation of both heterosexual and homosexual behaviour.

Hormonal Imbalances.

Many people who claim to be "born gay" attribute this fact to an imbalance

of their hormones before birth. This area has been subject to intense

research. At times, there have been reports of links or correlations

between lower levels of hormonal substances and a homosexual orientation,

yet other studies have not been able to confirm these findings. So today,

there is still no proof positive that hormonal imbalances have anything to

do with homosexuality.

The Androgen Factor

Until the eighth week of pregnancy, the gender of a human embryo remains

undifferentiated as to male or female (some maintain that all humans are

female regardless of genetic make-up to this point). During a six hour

period in this eighth week, a hormonal fluid called androgen is given off

by the sex organs if the child is to be male. This eliminates the female

bodily characteristics of the male child. Without this flow of androgen,

the child would grow up to become a normal female with the one exception

that she would be sterile. This is important in our discussion of

homosexuality because in some cases, although this is rare, the gonads give

off an insufficient flow of androgen, thus leaving some of the female

bodily characteristics in the male child. Androgen can be administered at

birth and these female traits will disappear. However, if this is not

done, the child may develop wide hips and excessive breast development.

His muscle tone may be somewhat softer than in a normal man. Is this proof

of being born gay? No, not at all! Many men who have this type of

physical development are not gay at all, but firmly heterosexual. Androgen

has been given to adults and never has this changed the direction of their

sexual interest.

The reverse of this pattern is also true: a female embryo may receive a

flow of androgen from a defective adrenal cortex. This also wipes away

some of her female characteristics and she becomes a mannish-looking

female. Perhaps the important fact in all of this is that, although this

malfunction may severely handicap the child in developing normal

relationships with peers and adults, the child will only become homosexual

if he or she is pressed into this mold by hostile or unthinking people who

will determine if their life develops normally or is twisted into a

homosexual path.

Abnormal Chromosomes:

The only other possibility of someone being "born gay" is that a genetic

defect has occurred. Each human has two sex chromosomes which determine

whether they are male or female. Many abnormal conditions exist where

there may be one or more extra chromosomes or a missing sex chromosome in

the fertilized cell that becomes a human. This is an area of wide

disagreement, yet again there has been no proof offered that chromosomal

abnormalities produce homosexual people. There has even been, in some

cases, indications that homosexuality is far less likely in some

combinations. However, one condition exists which produces identical

symptoms to the under-androgenized male. Research has found some with this

genetic abnormality (called Klinefelter's syndrome) involved in the

homosexual lifestyle. Here again, we feel that this person has been forced

into a homosexual mode by an ignorant and hostile society.

The Mother's Behaviour During Pregnancy:

There has always been anxiety over a pregnant woman engaging in strenuous

activities. Recent findings indicate, however, that usually this is

beneficial and aids the mother in the child's delivery. The whole issue of

stress is still being deeply researched today and all the results are not

in. There is no positive link proven to exist between stress and



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