origens of homosexuality


----- Part 3

We have discussed what we believe to be the tap root of homosexuality, the

lack of unconditional love. This deprivation, along with fear, envy, and

isolation make up what we call the PREDISPOSITIONING PACKAGE which leads to

homosexuality if it is left unchecked. Now we will look at what can be

done to derail this progressing syndrome.

While we try to isolate the root causes (for the sake of convenience), it

must be realized that they are inter-related, each reinforcing the other.

Together, they form a vicious cycle which only a traumatic breakthrough can


The Development Of Fear

Though it may be reasoned that we are born without fear, a child is quick

to learn fear when something unpleasant takes place and he does not want

this to happen again. To a small child, fear is very simplistic and

includes fears of being abandoned, unwanted, or left to go hungry. The

child knows he is unable to meet his own needs and is dependent on older

people to provide for those needs. It is sad to say that today, more than

ever (or so it seems), children have their physical needs met while their

emotional needs are neglected through parental absence, ignorance ,or plain

fatigue on the part of the parents.

Coupled with these fears is the fear of being unprotected. Scripture tells

us that the peace of God stands guard over our hearts and minds

(Philippians 4:7). Just as God stands guard over us, the small child needs

an earthly father who will stand guard over him, protecting him not only

physically, but also in his emotional development as well. Parents seem to

discount just how vulnerable a small child is. Witness a child lost in a

large store and see the panic that takes over when he thinks he is left

unprotected. This is only the visible panic; the emotional panic is


A Fathers Part.

God has seen fit to hold the husband responsible for his household. Many

times, this is a heavy and confusing role for the father. The father may

be totally unaware that his expectations for his child are actually driving

a wedge between them that will destroy their relationship. The father who

only extends love when the child is showing approved behaviour (smiling,

paying attention, not crying) is non-verbally saying, "I do not love you

when you cry, spill things, or act improperly." If the father's

expectations are too high and cannot be met, the child feels that he fails

in all his transactions with his father. He then fears that, because of

his father's displeasure with him, he cannot count on his father's


Fear seems to be something that is ever-expanding. Fear seems to breed

increased fear. As the child's mind develops (with the influence of

today's television and movies), he will begin to fear the unknown. His

specific fears have branched out into non-specific fears, developing a

sense of apprehension, a kind of all-encompassing, free-floating fear.


The child's initial reaction will be to run to others for the approval and

reassurance he needs. If he is fortunate enough to find a surrogate father

who supplies his needs, the predispositioning package will lose its

effectiveness and be stopped. The child that cannot find another person to

fulfil his needs will provide for those needs in his own way. He will

build a fantasy world that is impenetrable to those around him. He will

enter a world of self-isolation.

Development Of Envy.

As the child grows up feeling unaffirmed, inadequate, and unloved, he will

look about him and come to admire those who are secure and confident in

their abilities. He will constantly be comparing himself with others. As

he sees others accomplishing their goals and succeeding in life, he will

begin to envy them. At first, he will wish to be like them. He may make

attempts at copying their behaviour, language, and style of clothing, but

none of this will accomplish his ends. It will never bring a feeling of

security. As he retreats deeper into fantasy, he will want to control


He will see himself as King and in a position of controlling their lives

and forcing them to do his bidding. As time passes, he will want to BE

them. Erotic desire will arise out of his envy. He will have sexual

fantasies where he is linked to them. In these fantasies, he is

indispensable to them. They give him the recognition and sense of

belonging that he longs for. The time may soon come when he acts out his

fantasies within the confines of the gay lifestyle.


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