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We have written about the four components of homosexuality in another of

our publications. To review, they are:

1. Psychic Response:

Having a sexual attraction for those of your same sex;

2. Behaviour:

Participating in homosexual sex acts;

3. Lifestyle:

Entering into social relationships with other gay people through gay bars,

parties, living in a gay ghetto area, etc;

4. Identity:

Accepting the label homosexual on your life.

As people have come through our ministry, we've taken an informal survey

and asked them just how they entered into the homosexual world.

We have found that the highest number entered through psychic response.

Although we suspected this to be the case, we were surprised that only

forty percent of the time was this true. Our guess would have been closer

to eighty to ninety percent. Many gay people can remember back even to

three years of age when they had attachments to people of the same sex.

Naturally, we do not believe that this is something sexual, but was simply

a longing for unconditional love, a desire for attention.

Thirty percent said that they entered homosexuality through sexual acts.

This means that, up to this time, they had no special interest in those of

their own sex. But they enjoyed the sex act and found that it met a

special need in their life. It is here that those who have an empty space

in their life, those who have the preconditioning package in place, will

find the emotional fulfilment in the closeness of sexual acts. They are

willing to make the trade-off: sexual behaviour for attention and what

they feel is some degree of love. Those who have felt secure in their

identity, who have felt love and acceptance, will find no additional

fulfilment from the sex acts and their lives remain unaffected by such


Then, to our surprise,

thirty percent said that they entered homosexuality through identity.

They felt that they could not cope with the demands placed on their lives

to fulfil their assigned role. In the case of young men, they were the

ones who were left behind by their peers. Poor in sports, unable to share

the same interests, they came to see themselves as failures and misfits.

Through the process of elimination, they decided that they were not normal.

Therefore, they must be something else. We have something like this:

Thesis: Men are good at sports.

Antithesis: I am not good at sports.

Synthesis: Therefore, I must not be male.

At this point, hopelessness sets in and the male role is abandoned.

If you are counting, you will see that this has already reached 100 percent

and we still have "lifestyle" to consider.

In our survey, no one said that they entered homosexuality through the


This means that no one socially related to gay people and then found the

lifestyle so appealing that they began to engage in homosexual sex. Of

course, our survey was extremely limited and quite unscientific, so this

possibility still remains. However, it is interesting that this

possibility had not taken place in enough lives in our group to register

some percentage.

To clarify, we are saying that a certain component was simply the doorway

through which the person entered entered into the homosexual world. We are

not saying that psychic response does not develop in the case of acts or

identity. With homosexual acts, the psychic response (sexual attraction to

the same sex) usually develops quite rapidly A new door has been opened

and it is only a short time before conditioning sets in. Whatever provides

attention and significance becomes sexually attractive. With identity

(labeling oneself a homosexual, even when no sexual acts have occurred),

the psychic response may come after much struggle to place a label on one's

identity. It is difficult for this person to accept the fact that his

sexual feelings may be towards his own sex. The struggle to deny this

reality may last for years -- even decades. It is here that the helping

hand of parents, peers, and church is so vitally needed. No one should be

forced to accept the homosexual identity through default. The Body of

Christ must become so trustworthy that this deep emotional problem can be

shared and the light of Christ brought into a dark, despairing area. The

unspeakable problem must be confessed to God and man, and the wonderful

hope that Jesus Christ offers for change must not be withheld.


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