Barb Gardner's testimony

On November 1, 1974, Jacob's Well Bookstore opened it's doors for the first time. Now 15 years later as I look back, I can hardly believe it has really been that long. The years have been good to us and the Lord has been so wonderfully there all the way, guiding, leading and greatly blessing.

It all began in March of 1970 when I received Jesus Christ into my life as my personal Lord and Savior. I had always been a church going person and had a knowledge of God and spiritual things but it wasn't until that spring that I began to read the Bible and came to know through the witness of friends that being a Christian is more than church and religion. It is believing in Jesus Christ and in what He did for me at the cross. It is receiving Him into my life and using His power within to live a life of honor and service to Him.

Two years before,
my youngest son Michael was diognosed as having a very rare, degenerative brain disease and in April of 1974 he went to be with the Lord. A few months after his death a friend, Lee Davis, and I decided to open a Christian Bookstore. We were both fairly new Christians and neither of us knew anything about books or authors or running a business but we had the Lord and many friends who prayed, encouraged and helped. We chose the name Jacob's Well because it was there according to John 4: 5-30 in the Bible that Jesus met the Samaritan woman and led her to the living water that would give her eternal life. She received that life and went from the well to tell others and to bring them back to meet Jesus. We wanted our store to be a place of spiritual refreshment where people could come to find the Lord, to discover answers to their problems and to be encouraged to lead others to Christ and to the living water that springs up into everlasting life.

Starting out with 21 boxes of books and Bibles, a few gift items and some handmade (with love) shelves and fixtures, we set up shop in Lexington Park on Shangri La Drive. In the beginning our small stock didn't begin to fill the 900 sq. ft. display area that was available to us. But, before long we began to grow both in stock and in added space. After a few years, Lee retired from the bookstore work to care for her growing family. I have continued to go on with the management of the store still learning as I go and grow. Today, still in the same location, we have been able to expand to the full extent of the building- a very full 2250 sq. ft. God is so good!!!

I am so grateful today for what the Lord has given to me through the work and ministry of Jacob's Well. I have come to know and love so many wonderful Christians who's friendships will forever be of great value to me. I'm so thankful for Lee and her hardwork and encouragement that help ed get it all started, for friends who have always been there whenever the need arises, for all "my girls" behind the counter, and especially for you - the customers - the important ones who keep it all going. Thanks !!

Randy Hillebrand

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