Testimony of Jane Foster

Have you come from a broken home? I have. My father was replaced by

another man when I was four. The next time I saw my dad was in junior

high. I was at a movie on Atwood Ave. with my sister. Halfway through

the show my sister asked if she could introduce me to someone - my


Did you know what it's like to see someone you love change before

your eyes into someone you can't stand - because of alcohol? I do.

Every night my mom and stepdad drank vodka and water. Starting at 5:00

pm, they'd finish a quart to a half gallon bottle by 7:00 pm.

Have you ever been so messed up by drugs you couldn't get back to

where you came from? I have. Three times specifically I recall very

unpleasant experiences with acid. The first time was when I got my

bicycle outside of Stoughton & took off down the road, high. I became

so disoriented , I rode back and forth fron one hour on the same road,

unable to understand why I couldn't think straight to get back where

I'd been.

Another time I was in the Arboretum with 3 friends & we spent

several hours walking in a circle trying to figure out how to get out.

We were so stoned, we couldn't get our bearings.

The third time was when I was at college in Oshkosh & a boy gave me

a hit of acid in his dorm room. The high intensified & he stared making

passes at me. Wanting to escape, I walked out into the hall, only to

find the walls moving. The boy walked me back to my dorm & I spent the

entire night & the next day so stoned I feared for my life. I laid in

bed & waited for sanity to return.

Have you ever run away? I have. My senior year in high school, an

honor student, I skipped school. I spent the afternoon drinking beer. I

talked my boyfriend into running away to Canada. Fro the next month we

slept in a park in Canada, nobody knowing where we were. The day of my

graduation from high school, I sat by a brook in that park in Canada,


Have you ever had an abortion you didn't want to have? I have. I got

pregnant, when we got back from Canada. My boyfriend didn't want the

baby. I did. My mother didn't want me to have the baby. I wanted to. I

didn't have the baby. I was the only one that wanted it. I wasn't

strong enough to stand alone and say, "I'm keeping it."

Have had a problem with Alcohol? I lived in Arizona six years and

used the drink a twelve pack of beer a day. One time, however, I'd gone

with some friends to a border town in Mexico. I hadn't eaten a thing

for two days because everything looked so dirty. I took a bottle of

tequila and drank a pint in about ten minutes. I was awake for about

another five minutes as I passed out cold with dry heaves.

Have you ever dealt with an addiction you couldn't stop? I have. I

smoked pot for sixteen years, starting every morning until I went to

bed. It got so bad at the end that my head felt like it was going to

explode from the pressure I'd get after I'd get high.

Have you been married more than once? I have. Three times.

Have you ever felt like you didn't want to live anymore? I have.

I prayed for 16 years that my mom & dad would quit drinking. My

stepdad did. He got sick - he died. My mom still drinks, but not as


I quit taking acid. Never did shoot heroin. It scared me.

I still live with the remembrance that I wasn't a part of my high

school graduation.

The pain of losing my baby to an abortion is ever before me.

I don't drink anymore.

I prayed fervently for deliverance from the bondage of pot.. January

5, 1988, the Lord answered me. I haven't smoked since, or even had any


For 9 long months after my deliverance, I grieved. I grieved deeply

with weeping like I've never known. I fought for my sanity ever second

of the way as I groped my way to a life with fuller meaning.

You know what? I've found it. The Lord says, "When the trial is

over, you shall come forth as gold." I am here to tell you, I know &

can say from the bottom of my heart, I know what its like to hurt. I've

been there. I'm not proud of it. I'm not bragging about it.

All I want to say is you can be washed clean. Your past can become

"White as snow". There's only one way - through the blood of Jesus.

Just ask Him and trust Him and He will set your free. There's no high

that will ever measure up to the forgiveness found in Him.

"Jesus came into the world to save sinners. He forgives my

wickedness and will remember my sin no more."

For that, I give him all the glory, honor and praise.

I have a continual, teachable spirit.

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