Needed a Push: Testimony of CURTIS LOGING

I was a sinner, who had realized that life was meaningless. I had been in the Army for 8 1/2 years, tryed just about everything you can try to make something out of my life. I got married to enhance my life, it didn't work. I worked hard on becomming a SGT, to make myself happy. It didn't work. Alcohol, Sex, drugs I used them all to make myself happy. None of them worked. My sister had been praying for me for 9 years, she had sent me a Bible, tracts and books.

When I was home she took me to church, a guest speaker was there that night and spoke on building your house on the rock. I listened quietly and smiled. Nine years later she again convinced me to go to church,there was a guest speaker ( I should explain that the first church I went to with her was in South Bend In in 1980, the second one was in Columbia SC in 1988) and he spoke on building your life on a Rock. This time I heard and understood, that without Jesus my life never would amount to anything. There was nothing that I could do or try, that would make me happy, I realized that I was a sinner on the way to hell and the was only one hope, one way.

I praise God that he allowed me to come to know JESUS as my personal Savior. Believe me, people at work noticed the change in me before I realized that the outside had changed as well as the inside. Since then, even though my life hasn't been easy, (I left the service, moved to Wis. from SC, and started a new type of work) I have always been happy and secure. I pray daily for my freinds, family and others that they will come to know JESUS as there Savior, and I pray that you to will come and open the door to let Jesus in. If you know someone who isn't saved pray for them as it's a spirtial push that can't be refused. Even if it takes nine years for them to feel the push.

Yours in Fellowship


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