Testimony of Scott Seaman

Only just a few short years ago thoughts of God judging my actions

were the farthest thing from my mind. How things have changed.

As a young lad with an entrepreneur as a father I was fed a constant

dose of "business sense" and was reminded of the harsh realities of

the real world. I learned that decisions had to be made often times

without all the information you would like to have to be absolutely

sure. One thing you could be absolutely sure of is that if a

businessman does not make decisions he will fail and his dreams will

dry up and blow away. It was just that simple. This left me with a

sense that life was not a free ride and that you needed to deal with

things not as you wish they would be but as they are.

As I grew older, I found myself interested in issues of the day,

whether political, non-political, foreign, or domestic. I always

prided myself on being informed on a subject or issue before I made a

decision. I felt superior to those who tenaciously held opinions

without good logical support and enjoyed debates to expose there lack

of thought on the matter. I began to realize that this was a form of

a put down and not always conducive to building relationships.

Further, I also realized how common it is (myself included) for

people to hold beliefs, without examining the evidence for their

position. This is an understandable problem particularly with the

complexity of today's world. However, regarding life's most

important matters we must resist just taking for granted what are told

without evaluating it.

Yet something was lacking. I found myself unable to be decisive

regarding morality, especially where both sides of a issue had strong

advocates arguing their respective positions. A good example was

the abortion issue. Each side seemed to be valid, possessing a

substantive basis for being right. I imagined the related hardships

when a unwanted baby is born . . . financial difficulties, destroyed

plans, pressured and unhappy marriages etc. On the other hand a baby

was being killed, there was no doubt about that reality. Further what

about personal responsibility for your actions? Considering both

arguments, I honestly asked myself: would I want to be saddled with

an unwanted baby - No way. Through this and other dilemmas I realized

that I lacked a standard. Situationally applied logic seemed too

arbitrary and inadequate to be a determiner of right and wrong.

I began a search for such a standard. My religious background was

Roman Catholic. My regular participation with that church ceased

when I was about twelve years old, although I continued to attend

church infrequently when requested by my family on holidays.

Practicing Catholicism was boring and ritualistic. I could not see

what it offered. By the time I began college, religion seemed

irrelevant to life decisions. My first college philosophy course

spent one half the semester disproving the existece God. I wasn't

fully persuaded by the arguments but I didn't know how to respond.

Wrestling, weight lifting, karate, motorcycling, girls and school

were the matters on my mind for those years.

When I was 27 or 28, I began to become interested in investigating

spiritual matters. Through martial arts training I was exposed to

Eastern religions. While Eastern religions are mysterious and hence

more interesting then Catholicism, I found them to be equally empty.

After some study it became apparent that no evidence existed to

classify Eastern religions as anything more than philosophical


It was quite some time before I was able to find anyone talk with

about spiritual matters. At least not anyone who could articulate

sensible reasons why they believed what they did. An old

motorcycling buddy, named Seth, had moved to San Francisco to follow

a engineering job opportunity. He came back to town regularly on

holidays to visit his family. In a bar we used to frequent, Seth

told me about how his life was going in San Francisco. Sometime

during the evening, he just briefly mentioned that he was attending

the Peninsula Bible church (Ray Stedman) and things of God had become

very important to him. Sometime thereafter I purchased a modern

translation of the Bible and begin reading. My thought at this point

was maybe there is something to Christianity and I should look into

it. On his next visit to town, I was prepared with all kinds of

questions. Virtually all my education pointed to contradictions

between the Bible and Science. But Seth, a mechanical engineer,

believed the creation account in Genesis.

Seth not only believed, but he had reasons which made sense!

I began to wonder, could it really be true?

This motivated me to do a systematic analysis of the evidence.

I learned about the shakey foundation that evolution stands on.

Real facts of science fit the creation model better!

But then I asked "what about the accuracy of the scriptures, could

they have been passed down all these centuries essentially

uncorrupted?" So I studied how old documents are evaluated for their

authenticity. I learned about how the transmission of copies are

analyzed. I studied about how internal and external evidence of a

document can be examined to determine it's reliability. I further

researched archeological evidence confirming the accuracy of many

reported events in the Bible which up to the point of the discoveries

were supposed Bible errors. Every objection I had, when examined,

resulted in reasonable and rational support of the Biblical account.

The evidence piled up. It was like many strands woven together

making a strong rope. Finally, I came to a point where I concluded

that there is a God who is real. After that decision reading the

Gospel of John became a intense experience. I realized I needed God:

I needed Jesus Christ! When I called my friend Seth and told him my

feelings he prayed for me - right over the phone! It wasn't until

that point that I really could let God into my life.

Since then I have realized it was not just my intellectual curiosity

that brought me close to God. God gave me the desire to investigate

and read His word. Yet responding by accepting Christ (as God's

provision for restoring our relationship with Him) is something you

must do for yourself. No one else can make this decision for you.

It is the one decision which will impact your future more than any


In Christ, I truly have found the standard I yearned for and the

direction for my life. Before I knew God my self-worth was related

to achievements and attainment of material possessions. Always

striving but never satisfying. With Christ in my life, I not only

have a sense of what the real priorities in life are, but I have a

feeling of fulfillment. In His service I have been given what

satisfies. As Jesus said: "If you hold to my teaching, you are

really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth

will set you free." John 8:31-32.

To the skeptic, I challenge you to objectively weigh the evidence.

Seek Him and He will reveal himself to you.

Scott Seaman

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