Mike Shields

It's hard to remember when I haven't been riding a motorcycle.

Bikes have been a part of my life for over 24 years. I've seen a

good part of the states and have logged about 200, 000 miles on two


It always felt good when ever I was riding and all tensions would

fall away. I use to call my bike "my psychiatrist" because when ever I

was tense or ran in to a problem I could not or didn't, want to face, I

would go for a ride.

About 6 years ago I began to notice that the high, after the ride,

did not last as long as it used to. I was quick to anger and restless

a lot of the time. The rides were ok, but afterwards I was back to the

old self.

One day, while waiting around for my wife to finish shopping, a

young man asked if he could ask me some questions. I had nothing

better to do so I said sure. The first question was "did I believe in

God". Well I had thought of that from time to time and considered

myself sort of an agnostic. There was a possibility of God, but so far

I wasn't sure. Then he asked me "do you think you will go to heaven

when you die?" After a second of thinking I said "sure" to which he

replied "why?" Well I listed all the good things I had done such as

being a good neighbor, helping out people when it was needed, I had not

done any serious hurt to anyone and was pretty friendly to everyone,

you know, I was a fairly good guy. All the time in the back of my mind

while I was saying these things, thoughts were beginning to run in my

head about how I had been through two divorces, had ripped off my

employer of some things because I figured he owed me and he could

afford it. I was also into looking and collecting pornography of all

sorts even though it hurt my present wife to see it. I also wasn't

being the best father to my son for I was either working or out riding

and didn't find the time to spend with him as I should.

After that he said "let me show you something" and proceeded to show

me in the Bible where it said that all people are sinners and that we

all fall short of what GOD expects of us. That the wages or reward of

sin is death. That meant that all of us die because we are sinful and

that no matter how good we think we are, we don't meet God's measure.

To die, because of sin had a deeper meaning also, in that death meant a

separation from God forever. That after we die here, there is a

judgement in which all of us stand before God. Those who have sinned

are cast out to the lake of fire (hell) and the others live in heaven

with Him.

"Wait a minute" I said. "I thought all were sinners therefore all

would be in hell." "That's true" he said, "but God made a way out for

us and that out is Jesus". He started to explain about how God came to

earth in human form as Jesus and that he died on the cross for our

sins. This was the way out.

At that moment we got interrupted and I had to go. I was still

confused about what he meant about Jesus and how he was the way out. I

talked with my wife about what I had heard and asked her how she felt

about Jesus and she told me that it wasn't any of my business. That

was a slap in the face. I asked other people I knew about this, but

they just laughed and said to forget it and I did, for two years.

In August of 1980 I was going through my third divorce, trying to

find a place to live with my oldest son, who could stay with me if

certain conditions could be met. One being that I would get on first

shift so I could be home when he got out of school. The others were

that I find a place near his mother and that someone would be able to

watch him during the time I left for work and when school started. I

had two weeks left to meet the provisions necessary and nothing was

working out. My boss would not let me go on first and I tried to

transfer to another department, but there was not enough work there to

let me in for at least a couple of months. I had not found a place to

live and had gone so far as to put an ad in a few papers for weeks but

nothing became of it. I was desperate, mad, upset, frustrated, and

unhappy. With nothing else to do I decided to go to a bike rally in

Indiana to help me relax. I usually went there every year with some

friends for fun and to get away from it all. I thought that would perk

me up, though more and more I was finding that after ride I felt the

same as before I left. Anyway, the Indy rally was not what it had been

in the past and I was not enjoying it as before. Much of what I was

going through was loading up on me and the weight of it was too much.

As I was sitting around I noticed a paper and started to read it. I

noticed that the stories were strange, covering topics that I had not

heard about, such as people disappearing.

I asked a friend what these stories were all about. He suggested I

talk to a person who was a representative of the Christian Motorcyclist

Assoc. (C.M.A.) and perhaps he could help me. I didn't know how he

could, but I went over there to where he was and before I knew it I had

told him of all I was going through. To my surprise he said there was

an answer to all my problems and asked if I were interested to know

about it. You would have to be a fool to say no, so of course I said

yes. All of a sudden I was hearing something I had heard before. About

sin and how it was like a weight, dragging me down, and how because of

sin, I was separated from God. I heard again about death, the

judgement, hell, heaven and the way out. This time I understood what

was meant by Jesus dieing on the cross for my sins.

After hearing all that I decided to turn my life over to Jesus and

at that point things happened that were unreal. First was a feeling

that a great load was lifted off my shoulders and a great joy came upon

me. When I got home I burned all the porno magazines I had collected,

much to everyone's surprise. I then told my wife about what happened.

To my disappointment she laughed and thought I was nuts. The next day

when I went to work I was told that could start first shift the next

week. That night I received a call mentioning that the person had seen

my ad a month ago and wanted to know if I still needed a place to live.

He had a place right next to the school that my son was to go to. The

rent turned out to be just what I could afford. I was then introduced

to a neighbor that watched children in the neighborhood and would be

glad to watch my son from 6;00 am until school and feed him breakfast

too. I believe God set this all up to show me his greatness and his

love. So much has happened in these few years that I would have to

write a book to contain it all. There is so much more to tell, but I

hope this will give you enough of my testimony. This was edited from a

larger tract I was writing which I will upload to you if you are

interested. I probably need someone to proof it anyway to be sure the

it runs in a way that will attract the lost.

Mike Shields

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