by Sheldon Crook

Would you walk out in front of a speeding truck? I would hope

not, but did you ever stop to analyze exactly why you don't do that

sort of thing? Obviously, because we would get seriously hurt but why

would we get hurt?

It has to do with a natural law of motion called

conservation of energy and momentum (OK, so I'm not a physicist but

the name is close enough). Simply put, a body at rest tends to stay

at rest and a moving body tends to continue in a straight line unless

acted upon by an outside force. The outside force acting on the truck

in this case is your body but the only effect of this small a force on

the truck would be a larger than usual bug splat on the radiator grill!

How about this one; you see a metal rod with one end sitting

in a fire. Would you pick it up with your bare hands? If you did, you

would get a quick (and painful) lesson in thermodynamics! The other end

gets hot because of molecular motion and the transfer of heat by this

molecular motion.

Would you want to fly in an airplane designed by an engineer

who didn't have the foggiest notion of the laws of aerodynamics? What

if you looked out the window and realized there was only one wing on

one side? I have a hunch that you wouldn't be too concerned about the

in-flight movie on that one. The airplane flies because it was designed

USING the natural laws of aerodynamics to our benefit, not trying to

change the laws to suit our purposes. That would be a colossal exercise

in futility!

Now, do you conciously think of these physical laws every time

you do anything? Do you compute the mass of the truck compared to your

mass and then lay out the respective motion vectors before you step off

the curb? Of course not. We don't have to know all this because

we are well aware of the consequences of violating these natural laws;

we get hurt.

These natural laws are there for a purpose; they keep the universe

humming along like a well oiled machine (as long as man keeps his

meddling fingers out of it). The universe doesn't work in spite of

these laws, it works BECAUSE of these laws. All nature is in a perfect

state of balance and will remain that way if left to its own devices.

God created this universe and the laws that would continue His creation

moving along the way He wanted it to. The existance of all of these laws

are well known to man, although we don't fully understand all of them

(gravity is a good example). Because we know and understand most of

them, we can adapt our surroundings to our best advantage within the

framework of constraints established by these natural laws. All of these

laws have one thing in common: they have absolutely nothing to do with


These laws will be in place and have effect if man were to

disappear from the universe and never show up again. They have been

in place from the creation of the universe and will be there until

the end.

To deal with man, God gave us a different set of laws, dealing

strictly with relationships, ours to Him and ours to each other. These

are called the Ten Commandments and the Great Commission. Before I go

any further, let me list these for you. (Exodus 20)

1. You will have no other gods before God nor will

you worship these gods

2. You will make no graven image (no idols)

3. You will not take God's name in vain (profanity)

4. Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy

5. Honor your father and mother so your days will be long

6. Don't murder

7. Don't commit adultery

8. Don't steal

9. Don't lie against your neighbor

10. Don't covet (envy) anything of anyone else's


Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself.

Now as you can see, I have paraphrased these in my words and I

hope I haven't offended any scholars out there. Let's look at these

laws in some detail and see how they apply in our universe.

As you can see, the first four commandments have to with our

relationship to God and how we are (and are not) to worship Him.

But the other six commandments have to do with our relationships with

each other. They were pretty well summed up by Jesus in the Great

Commission and the Golden Rule (Matt. 7:12). Look at each of these

`rules of life' and see if you would like to have everyone treat you

in this manner. I don't think anyone would like to have someone trying

to murder us or cheat and lie about us. These laws were established to

make our lives more enjoyable and peaceful, not lay a burden of `don'ts'

on us.

If everyone in the world started living by these laws tomorrow

think of what the world would be like; it would be a paradise, just like

God intended it originally.

I would like to wrap this up with a question. It's a rhetorical

question I realize and there probably isn't an answer, but I'll pose it


Why does man `religiously' obey all of God's physical laws because

he realizes the consequences of violating them but go out and violate

every one of God's `relational' laws, again knowing full well the

consequences of his actions? If we violate the physical laws our

`punishment' is pain and suffering but these will usually pass away

and we go on with our lives but the consequences of violating God's

`relational' laws is so much worse.

The results of these actions are

eternal and irreversible after a certain point (death). How can we

keep one set of laws but totally ignore the others? Try telling

a traffic cop that you ran that stop sign because you decided to

obey stop `lights' but not stop `signs'. If that works, let me know.

God established man in His universe for His pleasure and to

worship Him. He established all the laws, physical and relational,

to enable man to live comfortably and enjoyably within the universe

He created for us. Let's try a little harder to apply these `relational'

laws to our lives as well as we obey the physical ones. God be with you

and go in peace.



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