We have, over the years, held many discussions with various

individuals and groups regarding the Holy Bible and the inspiration of

the text by God. In many cases we have had to allow the "other end"

to remain with their beliefs while we retained our own. The factors

of each time have always resulted in the situation that the "other

end" chooses to disbelieve. The Bible, time and time again, over the

centuries has proven its trustworthiness and accuracy. While this

convinces a few, several remain in disbelief by choice. It is for

those individuals that this series of questions is posed:

1) How is it that the Old Testament, one of the most ancient of

books, is always marvelously accurate when it touches scientific

questions; whereas ALL other books a hundred years old, whenever

touching such questions are full of glaring, and often foolish

mistakes. A scientist once wrote to the British Association

apologizing for not having a paper printed. He stated, "anything

printed is ipso facto out of date."

2) How is it that of the Bible, and the BIBLE ALONE, it can be

said: "It has ... truth without any mixture of error for its matter"

(Locke). How is it that no single virtue or standard of righteousness

taught elsewhere eclipses that taught in the Bible?

3) How is it that no references to historical events, historical

characters, ancient customs, geographical and astronomical records

abounding in the Bible have been proved incorrect?

4) How do you explain how Christ could be "in the beginning with

God," one with the Father, and at the same time err in teaching and

believing that the Bible was verbally inspired, as Jesus did?

5) How is it that hundreds of prophesies recorded in the Bible

have been fulfilled to the letter, centuries after they were recorded.

Why is it that the BIBLE ALONE has this unique feature that NO OTHER

text in the world has?

6) How is it that a book written by some 40 individuals whose

writings ranged over 1600 years, could, when bound together, present

one unique whole, whose unity of thoughts in doctrine and plan is

evident to the most casual of readers, and is a matter of increasing

wonder and admiration to the student. Again, this has NEVER been

found in any other collection of literature. A vivid contrast are the

Hindu Shastras.

7) How is that writers such as Moses, David, Isaiah, John, Paul,

Peter and many other men of integrity and spiritual acumen, could

claim that many of the words they used were God's words, and all were

written by inspiration, if in truth they had written them themselves

apart from the control of the Holy Spirit. The former claim is made

by the writers about 4,000 times.

8) How is it that fishermen, tax collectors and others were

enabled to succeed in portraying a perfect character in the Gospels

which no other writers have been able to do before or since them?

9) How is it that the Law given to Israel milleniums ago, worked

successfully for centuries without amendment or repeal (Deut 4:2);

and finally was used as a basis for British and American Law. During

the reign of Victoria over 650 acts of Parliament were repealed. No

count was kept of amendments!

10) How do you explain how it is that God honors all the promises

in His Word when conditions are fulfilled, and when presented by those

to whom they have been given. If they are not HIS promises, why does

HE honor them?

11) How is it that the words of Scripture have, in numerous

cases, unaided by man's influence, completely transformed the reader,

turning him from the ways of error to a holy, clean and upright life?

No OTHER book can make such a claim!

12) How is it that the spiritual treasures are inexhaustible.

Every year produces scores of volumes, thousands of sermons, and tens

of thousands of articles - all of which seek to exploit the

unsearchable depths and riches of Jesus Christ, and the precious

truths and teachings found in the Bible. This cannot be said about

ANY OTHER book ever written!

13) How is it that apart from the enlightenment of the Holy

Spirit much of the contents of the Bible are hidden from the wisest?

14) How is it that the Scriptures are uniquely adaptable for

translation into any tongue? All other books lose greatly being

translated and the value of many would be practically lost. There are

over 800 languages and dialects in which some portion of the Bible is

now obtainable in print. Many of these add freshness and beauty to a

multitude of passages.

To close, I wish to add that I have yet to debate with a person

on the merits of the Bible where my opponent has even read the Bible.

The majority have desired to question my faith and my beliefs without

addressing the issue of the Bible. They wish to quote other human

writers without the scholar attitude of checking the Bible themselves.





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