The Bible is the most popular book in the World. Each year it tops the

"best sellers" list (even though they won't list it). It has been

estimated that billions of Bibles have been produced in the past 375

years. Some say that the number of Bibles printed over time would

provide one for each man, woman, and child that lives on the earth.

What is the one characteristic about the Bible that makes it so popular?

Simply answered, "It is the Word of God!"

The Bible is God's message to mankind. Some call it God's "loveletter"

to the human race. Christians say it is infallible, without error in

the original text. Its critics, of course, don't agree saying the Bible

was written by men, that it has errors, and it is not completely true.

But let me give you some thoughts on why I believe the Bible to be the

"very words from the mouth of God."

I. There Must Be A Bible.

God has declared the that those who obey Him will go into Heaven, but

those who choose not to obey will be thrown into Hell; therefore, there

must be a Bible. Since God has declared that those who keep His

righteous standard will be blessed, then He must provide man with the

"Standard." Because God has a burning Hell for those who disobey, then

He must provide the Book of the Law, declaring when man has wronged God.

The Bible must exist because God holds man accountable.

II. The Bible Must Be Without Error.

Since God is responsible to provide man with the "perfect standard," by

which to live, He must be sure it is without error. A standard that

has errors in it is not a standard at all. Can you imagine trying to

measure with a ruler that is less than or greater than 12 inches? If

the Bible has errors then how is man supposed to know what God truly

wants him to do? No, the expected standard from God must also be

perfect in order to be effective.

III. The Bible Must Be Easy to Understand.

Can you imagine your boss giving you an order to carry out, but he tells

you in Russian or Chinese? How could you be expected to obey him? It

wouldn't make any difference if it was a 100% true statement; if you

can't understand it, then it is meaningless as a directive. No, the

Bible has to be readily understood in order for God to hold us

accountable. Now this doesn't mean that we must understand every little

detail about the Battle of Armageddon, or know the exact meaning of the

number "666." But it does mean that in the areas essential to daily

living and the fundamental truths of the Christian Faith, the Bible must

be readily understood by all who seek truth in their hearts. There is

only one interpretation of every passage of Scripture, but often times

many applications.

A Bible that is open for various interpretations is no standard at all,

and again God would not expect man to obey it. The Word of God is

clearly written and simple to understand. I use one basic assumption

whenever I read the Bible, "If the literal meaning of the verse makes

sense, then stop right there." However, if the literal meaning does not

appear to match up with what we can understand, then I assume God is

using a "picture" of something else to make it more clear to me.

The greatest proof of the truth of the Bible in my life is the simple

fact that "it works!" I remember back to the days before my salvation

and realize that the new life I now live has been the direct result of

reading the Bible and trying to do what it says to by God's strength.

My life is completely changed and it has been transformed by the Living

Word of God--The Bible.



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