This essay is going to change your life -- One way or another!

After you have read it, you will have been exposed to God's plan of

Salvation. You will be accountable to God, and and you will have to

make a decision. The answer will either be YES, NO, or NO DECISION.

(Realize, though, that failure to make a decision is the same as

deciding NO!).


The purpose of this essay is to provide a guide to the worldly

skeptic to show that it is possible for a skeptic to accept the Word

of God, and to put his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. In preparing

this essay, the following guidelines have been observed:

1. There will be as few DIRECT scripture quotes from the Bible as

possible, since the skeptic non-believer will probably not believe

that the Bible is the true word of God.

2. Other than right now, I will not tell you that your soul is in

mortal danger if you are not saved by the precious blood of Jesus,

because the worldly skeptic will not believe it. The skeptic believes

that Heaven and Hell do not exist, or that if they do exist, a God of

Love will certainly not condemn "good" people to eternal damnation.

(Please refer to the "warning message above to determine if you wish

to proceed!).

3. The author WILL use the Bible, and ask God's direction in the

preparation of this effort.


Simply a Born-Again Christian who was, and still is, a skeptic.

One who, although he has absolute faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,

still feels obligated to question and investigate claims made by

church leaders and Biblical interpreters. One who had to deal

intellectually with many of these issues prior to putting faith in the

teachings of Christianity, and accepting Jesus as his personal savior.


The author is expressing his views alone, based upon his own

religious experience and his interpretation of the Bible, and not

necessarily the views of any other group of Christians or church


First let me start by saying that I have been a "cynic" and a

"skeptic" for most of my adult life. I have chosen to accept the

cynics' view of the world, in that, prior to becoming a Christian, I

had to be shown the logic, and the proof of whatever I chose to

believe. I took pride in looking for the "real motive" behind what

people said and did. Now that I am a Christian, I find that I am

still a skeptic. The main difference is that I now accept the Bible

on faith alone, and have accepted the Lord as my personal savior. The

skeptic portion in me "pops-up" when I hear an interpretation of the

Bible that doesn't sound right, when I hear Christian accounts that go

against the Word of God, and when I see Evangelical Christians -- the

ones who should know better -- behaving in a way that hurts the body

of Christ. Jesus must be heart-broken at times when he watches His

people behaving in ways that go against His Spirit!


It is important to realize that God is not only a Loving God, but

also a Jealous and a Righteous God. As such, he is NOT WILLING to

exist in the presence of Sin. What this means is that He has

established absolute laws regarding sin and unrighteousness. Thus,

anyone who does not meet the standards of righteousness cannot come to

be in His presence. This is an important concept -- perhaps one of the

most important to understand. Under the old laws (Old Testament),

some sort of sacrifice was required -- generally the shedding of blood

through an animal sacrifice -- as a means of forgiving sin. Every

time a sin was committed, the person would have to sacrifice another

animal. (This is a practice that is still present in many of the

other religions of the world today). The shedding of blood is

necessary because, in God's realm, the only reward of sin is death.

This in itself, however, was insufficient because very few people were

able to follow the law to the letter, and were therefore not

acceptable to be in the presence of God. In addition, it seems that

whenever God tried to send a prophet to tell the people of the time

how to behave, the "powers-that-be" of those times usually found some

reason to stone, torture, ridicule, exile, and/or kill the messenger.

This seems to have been the pattern throughout the Old Testament, up

to AND INCLUDING Jesus Christ. Because God loves us, and He knows

that we are unrighteous, He sent, as a last resort, His Son - Jesus

Christ - to be a final sacrifice for the sins of mankind. In other

words, animal sacrifices would no longer be necessary. All that would

now be necessary would be to ACCEPT the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus,

based on faith, and we would be cleansed, (given a "pardon", as it

were), thus making us acceptable to God.

An example of this in everyday life is the "hot potato." If a

child goes to take a bite of a hot potato, his mother will try to warn

him that it is hot! If the child persists in taking a full bite,

he'll burn his tongue. God's law is similar. He says that He will

not permit the unrighteous to be in His presence. Knowing that we are

incapable of being righteous, He sent the Lord. Our choice is not

unlike the hot potato. If we ignore his warning, we will get burned!

SUMMARY: Although our God is a loving God, he is also a righteous

God. As such, He WILL NOT TOLERATE being in the presence of sin.


Since sin is the basis of this whole problem (ie: if there

weren't sin, we wouldn't need salvation), we should probably devote a

little space to the subject. The following is a list of some of the

activities God has stated that he views as sinful. Without Salvation,

any one of them will cause us to go to Hell:








Idol Worship






Although most of us don't go around murdering people, how many of

the other sins noted above do you regularly indulge in -- (Often

without even thinking of it as a sin?). In todays liberal age, many

of these sins occur so frequently, that people tend to not even

notice. But God DOES, and He finds it displeasing!


In view of the previous section, this question is appropriate at

this time.

There have been many interpretations and suggestions regarding

Hell and "eternal damnation". I would offer the following


I feel that Hell is a spiritual, rather than a physical

phenomenon. There have been references to the "Lake of Fire", and

other references to "heat" and "burning". However, one of the most

frequent quotes pertaining to the non-believer's punishment is

"weeping" and "gnashing of teeth." Therefore, I humbly suggest that

the final punishment is eternal remorse, anguish, and helplessness due

to the spirit (soul) being separated from God. I base this on the

belief that everyone's spirit LONGS to be in the presence of God.

(Even the spirit belonging to the sinner. Unfortunately, the sinner

just doesn't know it). The ultimate punishment for non-repentant sin

is the eternal separation of the person's soul from the presence of


ANGUISH -- is an excellent adjective to describe what I have

attempted to point out above. We have all had instances in our lives

when we have felt true anguish. For instance, talk about "weeping"

and "gnashing of teeth":

- A loved one is killed in a car accident. "WHAT IF.... he had only

left home several minutes later, he would still be alive!"

- "I knew I had too much to drink last night. WHY DID..... I have to

prove that I could drink and still drive safely. Now I have to live

with the memory of that child I killed for the rest of my life!"

- A front door to the house is left open, and a loved pet runs out

into the street and is hit by a car. "IF ONLY..... I had closed the


- Possibly the most common example: A loved one is suddenly dead.

"IF ONLY.... I had told her how much I loved her -- Now I will never

have the chance!"

I'm sure you have your own examples to draw from. Now imagine

that anguish being carried for ETERNITY with no chance of relieving

it, and nothing else to think about to get your mind off of it, even

temporarily. This brings us to the truly ultimate "If Only.....":

- "IF ONLY..... I had accepted the Lord as my Personal Savior when I

had the chance! Now it's too late!!!"

Mr. Skeptic, please excuse me for a moment while I speak to any

Believing Christians who may be reading this:

Fellow Christian, may I add a special message to you at this

point: The ultimate "WHAT-IF...." for a Christian must be:

At the final judgment, while you are heading toward heaven, you

pass several of your un-saved former friends and acquaintances who are

heading toward their final area. They say to you: "Why didn't you

tell us? We knew you were a Christian, but you never tried to

seriously warn us of the consequences. Sure, we teased and made fun

of you, but all you ever did was quote Bible Scripture. You never

REALLY explained! NEVER........WHY????? IF ONLY.... YOU HAD TRIED



This is probably the easiest question to answer. All I have to

say to you is: LOOK AROUND! I won't even talk about the increasing

popularity of Satanism, the magical arts, and Witchcraft. Look at the

overall human condition:

- Have you noticed how many burglar alarm companies are doing business


- There are actually organizations which openly encourage "Man-Boy"

love relationships.

- The Police are almost universally unable to keep up with crime in

their areas.

- When was the last time that you felt comfortable leaving the door to

your home unlocked.?

- When was the last time you felt comfortable walking down a lonely

street at night?

- When was the last time that you left a package in your car while

shopping in a shopping center, and didn't lock your door?

- Have you noticed the resurgence of racism and militancy?

- Have you noticed the statistics on how many Americans feel they must

own a handgun for protection?

- Casual (recreational) drug use is now acceptable, and seems to be

becoming the norm.

- The family is the center of Christian life, as well as society as we

know it. Have you noticed the divorce rate, as well as the number of

single parents?

- etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Whether you call him Satan, the Devil, Evil, -- WHATEVER -- you

cannot deny that there is an extremely unsavory factor becoming

prominent in our lives.




This is the question that will most often be asked by the

skeptic, and it is a valid one. To answer this, one must take several

factors into consideration:

A Christian is NOT permitted to be the "judge and jury" of

others. That is God's role, not ours. The only answer to the

question of who will go to heaven is "I don't know!" That is also the

only valid answer to the question, even if answered by a skeptic.

This is one of those areas in which you must refer to the Bible for


JEWS: They are God's chosen people. I believe that they have the

option of following the "Old Laws" (which is VERY difficult), or

turning to Christ.

Members of Eastern (Pagan) Religions: The Bible (Both New and Old

Testament) specifically prohibits the worshipping of idols, as well as

such activities as sorcery and witchcraft. You can make your own

assumptions based on that.

Those who have NEVER been exposed to Christianity: Unfortunately, the

only honest answer to this is "I don't know!" This is between God and

that individual. The New Testament is very clear, though, in that

"The only way to the Father is through the Son".

The only categories of people in which a Christian can give a

definite answer are:

- Unrepentant sinners who have heard the Message of Salvation: They

are going to Hell! No question about it. (This covers the vast

majority of the western population, as well as anyone who has read

this text).

- Sinners who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Personal

Savior will go to Heaven.

This is a difficult topic to discuss, because no one wants to

hear bad news. I hope, however, that this explanation has helped to

some degree, or will at least spark some serious thought.

At this point, I would like to add a special note to Teachers and

Ministers of the Christian Faith: Remember, according to the Bible,

you will be held accountable to a higher standard than the rest of us.

I pray you will conduct yourselves accordingly.


"God loves the sinner, but hates the sin." On that basis, yes

indeed a homosexual can be Saved. As with all of us, in order to be

saved, the person must acknowledge that he is a sinner (not just in

his homosexual behavior, but in all aspects of his life), ask the Lord

for forgiveness, and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. The

question of homosexuality will then become one that the individual

must deal with directly with God through his belief in Jesus Christ.

The Bible states very clearly throughout the Old and New Testaments

that Homosexuality is abnormal and is sinful behavior. As such, the

individual may feel compelled to change his activity. The most

important part is for the Homosexual to accept Christ. Once that is

done, it is up to the homosexual to seek The Lords' help and guidance.

As in the previous question, no one, especially a Christian, is

in a position to judge whether or not a SAVED Homosexual is going to

Heaven or Hell. We only know that an UN-SAVED Homosexual WILL go

directly to Hell!


Many skeptics point to the theory of Evolution as being proof

positive that the Biblical version of Creation is "hogwash." Some

Christians, in turn, point to Genesis and the Biblical version of

Creation, and state that, therefore, Evolution is "hogwash", and that

anyone who believes in Evolution is "going to Hell".

My thoughts on the subject are rather simple and straight to the

point. I am a Born-Again Christian, I believe that the Bible is the

True and un-faltering Word of God, I believe in the Saving Grace of

the Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in the evolutionary process, and I

know I am going to Heaven. Now, how can I say all that and still

maintain any kind of credibility? Easy!

For a long time, this was a stumbling block to my acceptance of

Christianity. There are MANY convincing scientific arguments in favor

of portions of the evolutionary process. Who is to say that God did

not utilize what we describe as evolution in his ultimate plan of

creation. Genesis does NOT go into great detail as to the mechanics

of creation. All it says, basically, is that God created the universe

in six days, and rested on the seventh. In Genesis, it states:

"...Let the land produce living creatures...", and then "...The

Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground..."

It is possible, then, that these passages indicate a common

originality of men and other living creatures. (A quick note to any

Christians who may be reading this: I realize these are partial

quotations, and that there are many other interpretations of these

passages. My point is that certain portions of evolution could

certainly have been a factor). In addition, there is no reference as

to how much time one day actually was. It could very possibly have

been eons, and enough time to support the evolutionary process.

My belief, therefore, is that Evolution -- UNDER GOD'S DIRECTION

-- is a viable explanation.

The important point is that this issue is, essentially,

UNIMPORTANT! What is important is the personal relationship with

Jesus that comes after you have accepted Him as your personal Lord and

Savior. Unfortunately, too many non-believers base their non-belief

on their assumption that The Bible and the Evolutionary Theory are

incompatible, and too many Christians over-react and support that

viewpoint. This then becomes a needless stumbling block to accepting





The question of Aids is one that cuts to the core of Human

Sexuality, Morals, Compassion, and Religious Beliefs. What I am about

to say is MY OPINION, and other Christians may or may not agree with


First, I do not believe that God has purposely inflicted any

specific individuals with the Aids virus. I do feel, however, that

certain actions were set into place since the time of Adam and Eve.

Could this be a sign of the end-times? I don't know -- but it is a

definite possibility!

The role of the Christian in these matters is NOT TO JUDGE! Our

role is to provide compassion to the victims, and to continue to

spread the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to them, while they are

still in a position to hear and accept the Word.

Regarding the question of the distribution of clean needles to

drug addicts, I definitely agree. Let me state clearly that I

certainly do not condone drug abuse, and I certainly have no desire to

make their illicit activity any easier to pursue. Unfortunately, the

reality of the situation is that a drug addict is going to continue

shooting up drugs - either with clean, or with dirty, needles. Since

IV drug abuse is one of the leading causes of the spread of Aids, I

sincerely feel that we must do whatever we can to control the spread.

The role of the Christian, again, is, DO NOT JUDGE! There have

been arguments raised that Jesus is the only answer, and that the

distribution of needles goes against the teachings of Christ. The

fact that Jesus is the only answer is a valid argument. However,

unless a drug addict accepts Christ, he is probably going to keep on

shooting drugs, and spreading the disease. Therefore, our obligation

is to try to limit the spread of the disease while we also try to

salvage the junkie's soul for Jesus.


should we


My answer to this is: BOTH! - but more about that later.

I sincerely feel that these "Tele-Evangelists" are, for the most

part, sincere people who are preaching the Word of God accurately.

However, as with all of us, Power Corrupts! It is not surprising to

me that someone who once had a clear vision can become contaminated

with money, greed, power, fame, and all of the other material things

that most of us would find desirable.

Many Christians, (myself included), don't care for the "show-

like" atmosphere of the TV Evangelists. They have, however, brought

many, many people to Christ. Therefore, it is a ministry that must

survive. Perhaps the recent events of "fallen evangelists" was to be

expected, and may even have a positive effect on that ministry. Just

maybe, there will be an increase in accountability, as well as more of

an attempt to include Jesus in the marketing plans!

Now, as for my answer to the original question; as I said, my

answer is BOTH! As human beings with the same weaknesses, frailties,

etc. that we all have, we must offer them our love, compassion and our

prayers to help them get through their personal tragedies. On the

same token, the Human part of my being would like to "shoot 'em" for

what they have done to the recent credibility of the church. But

remember, as I stated earlier, "God loves the Sinner, but hates the

Sin!". So, then, should we!


This is a topic that is bound to raise some eyebrows. To answer

the question "are atheists "foolish" or on the right track, my answer

has to be NEITHER!

First, no one's opinion (assuming it is one that has been

reasoned through, and is not presented just to get a "reaction")

should ever be considered foolish. In fact, in the eyes of God, we

are all judged on a relatively black and white basis -- with very few

shades of gray. As such, the atheist is no worse off than any other

non-repentant sinner. Therefore, if one chooses not to accept the

Lord, what is the difference if he is an agnostic, an atheist, a

witch, etc. The atheist, at least, will tend not to be a hypocrite.

However, I must admit that I have difficulty understanding the

beliefs of an atheist. Prior to being saved, I categorized myself as

an agnostic. I felt there was a higher power, but didn't choose to

call it a "God." I felt that there had to be a higher power, because

how else could we explain the overall "order" of the universe. I

simply felt that this "power" was uninvolved, uncaring, and probably

more or less inanimate. My main disagreement with the atheists (prior

to my being Born Again as a Christian), was that I couldn't comprehend

that EVERYTHING was an accident, and that man is the ultimate being.

(If man really is the ultimate being, we are ALL in serious trouble).




Many Christians come to the Lord during a profound personal

crisis. Such life events as serious illnesses and accidents in the

family, job losses, children in trouble, etc. generally cause people

to look to God for help. At these times, people are very receptive,

and hence the term "foxhole salvations." This can be a true spiritual

experience in which the person truly accepts the Lord as his personal

savior, or it can be a transient decision; one that will be renounced


If a person, on the other hand, chooses to intellectually

investigate the teachings of Christ, read the Bible, compare known

historical events with those recorded in the Bible, he can indeed make

a rational decision to be Saved. All that the Bible teaches that is

required for Salvation is:

1. Acknowledgment that you are a sinner and in need of salvation.

(Please refer back to the list of sins to see if you qualify). Even

if you are a "nice person," if you volunteer your time and money to

the poor, if you never steal, rape, murder, or cheat on your wife, you

are still a sinner in God's eyes.

2. You must believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that He

was was placed on earth by God in order to become the ultimate

sacrifice so that we would than be acceptable to God.

3. You must pray to God, through Jesus Christ, for forgiveness, by

accepting the sacrifice He made. I have included a "sample salvation"

prayer at the end of this text that you may find helpful.

Skeptic, if you feel a "tug", the feeling that "maybe there is a

little something more to this then I thought," I would like to point

out the following:

- The Bible says that all you need is a "mustard seed's" worth of

faith to be saved.

- God PROMISES that all who searches him, in earnest, will find him,

through Jesus Christ.

- If you feel that you have that "mustard seed" worth of faith, but

are afraid of looking "foolish" to your friends, family, or

acquaintances, then don't make a public commitment. In the privacy of

your bedroom, when the rest of the family is out of the house, try to

pray. Tell God that you are taking him at his word, that you have a

mustard seed's worth of faith, that you are a sinner, and that you

want to accept Christ into your life. The worst that will happen is

that you will look foolish to yourself. The best that will happen

will be an overall sense of well-being, as well as eternal protection

for your spirit.

The following prayer, if spoken with SINCERITY and FROM THE HEART

is the first step toward a life-long walk with God, the forgiveness of

Sin, and eternal salvation. (Remember that the exact words aren't as

important as the thoughts and feelings involved):

"Heavenly Father, As I now pray to you in earnest, I confess my

sins before you and acknowledge that I am unworthy of your presence.

I ask your forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son who came

to earth to die so that I may live!

I confess my sins with my lips, and accept Jesus as my Savior in

my heart!

Father, I have only a "mustard seed" worth of faith, but Your

Word assures me that this is all that I need. I ask that you help me

to realize the reality of Jesus Christ, to build this seed of faith

into a small seedling, and to ultimately become a Strong Tree of


I ask this in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, whom I now

accept as my personal Savior!" Amen!

If you do what I have recommended, don't expect a sudden "Surge

of the Spirit." Although it can happen, chances are likely that it

won't. What will happen is that, very likely, you won't feel very

different at all. In fact, you may wonder the next day why you "tried

it." If you are serious, then you must start reading the Bible.

There are many modern day translations (The New International Version

or the New American Standard are two translations that are easy to

read without the traditional "thee's and thou's."), and who's accuracy

has been verified. Read the New Testament (it really isn't that

difficult, given todays easier reading translations). Pray daily --

pray to God, through Jesus Christ (ie: "In the name of Jesus"). Try

to talk with other Christians that you know who have had backgrounds

similar to yours. Don't expect miracles or magic tricks. Just do

this for a while, and, if you are serious, you will begin to sense

subtle changes. God will send His Holy Spirit to comfort you. You

may actually begin to enjoy going to church. (I used to dislike it

immensely, now I truly enjoy it). Choose a church that preaches the

"Full Gospel!" (There are many, many churches listed in the yellow

pages, but not all of them are "alive". Avoid a church that only has

services Sunday Morning. Churches that are "Alive with God's Spirit"

will have spiritual activities going on throughout the week!). Watch

out for Cults! Religions such as Jehovahs Witnesses, The Unification

Church, The Mormon Church, and others ARE NOT Christian. Believe it

or not, you will even begin to enjoy reading the Bible! Remember,

Satan will try to make you renounce what you have done. He will

attempt to make you feel that what you did was indeed foolish. Part

of your daily prayers should be a periodic renouncement of Satan, and

prayer that God will help you to continue to develop a full sense of

the Holy Spirit.

Being a Born-Again Christian is rather like having an intimate

friend who is always with you. Once you develop a relationship with

Jesus, He is someone you can talk to in your car, in the shower,

wherever.... You will develop an inner peace that you didn't think


Once you understand the REAL sacrifice He made, you will begin to

realize how relatively unimportant many of the everyday affairs are

that used to get you angry. Consider that He was in human form, and

DIDN'T REALLY WANT to face the pain, ridicule, and torment of

crucifixion (He even prayed to God to ask Him if He was sure He really

wanted Him to go through with it!). He was so upset about the

upcoming events that HE ACTUALLY SWEAT BLOOD while praying in the

Garden of Gethsemane. When you think about that, as a believer, than

the fact that your boss is giving you a hard time over work becomes

relatively unimportant!

I have spent many hours trying to develop this essay and have

done much self-introspection. I have tried to answer many of the

questions that were stumbling blocks to me prior to being Saved. I

prefaced this effort as a "Skeptics' Guide to Christianity," and said

I would refrain from using direct scripture quotations (although I

guess I really did once or twice). What I have found is that, after

all of the discussions, investigations, and intellectual decisions,

the final answer is faith. That is one area that, as a skeptic, I

cannot argue or prove. After the skeptic has considered all of the

data, he has to make a decision. The decision is to either reject the

Lord, or to acknowledge that "mustard seed of faith."

I hope this effort will be useful in helping others reach the

right decision.

In The Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Jeff Mehl

C/O Maranatha BBS

(914) 221-0379

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