PRO-CHOICE? SURE! We are all for being able to make a CHOICE! But WHAT

does that really mean?

Here are the CHOICES:





At the present, and for a long time, the term "pro-choice" has been used

in a way contrary to its proper defini-tion. "Choice" means "to decide between

possibilities" according to the dictionary. Yet Planned Parenthood has always

promoted abortion as their choice. The term "pro-choice" then does not reveal

the true intent of Planned Parenthood and others who accept their views. What

they really mean is that THEY HAVE MADE THE CHOICE, for abortion, and they

want their choice to be the only choice, which is really ANTI-CHOICE for

everyone else.

Planned Parenthood is the largest organized force claiming to be for

"CHOICE" while promoting only abortion. They do not present a person facing an

unwanted pregnancy with the facts and a real CHOICE for their own good.

Instead they use false information and withhold the truth to persuade THEIR

CHOICE upon their victims. This is not in the interest of allowing that person

to make an intelligent and unbiased CHOICE! Why not admit their real position

and use the cor-rect term "pro-abortion"? I suggest that they know it would

reveal that they are guilty of advocating innocent lives be taken and then

could justifiably even be called "pro-death."

If you are truly "pro-choice" and believe that a person should be given

the facts on both sides, and then ALLOWED to make a wise decision, you are

being misrepresented. The label "pro-choice" is being used to mean "NO CHOICE

EXCEPT ABORTION". One major newspaper, the L.A. Times, has recognized the

"pro-choice" lie. On May 5, 1990 it was reported that the paper would no

longer accept the use of the term "pro-choice" for groups that are actually

advocating abortion as their choice.

If you believe one should have a choice of whether to have a baby or not

(and I do), please realize that that choice is there and has not been taken

away. The choice however is before conception. Once conceived, she has a baby,

so she has already made a choice. The next choice is not whether to have a

baby (she HAS a baby), but whether to kill it or let it live! Intercourse was

given for the purpose to reproduce life, not to abort it. (Humans are the only

species that practice killing their young before birth.)


Pro-choice, we can see is not the correct term for the one sided view of

Planned Parenthood and others that accept their view. Rather it is pro-

abortion, which is anti-life and pro-death. Nevertheless Planned Parenthood

uses the term pro-choice (falsely) to disguise their real intent which they

have been promoting since their beginning. That is to control the population

by whatever method, which has primarily been through the promotion and

performance of abortions whenever possible. This has been done with the use of

untold millions of dollars of taxpayers money mostly without their knowledge.

They have also been able to promote their views on unsuspecting children of

all ages through access to "education" in the public schools, primarily in the

last twenty years.

Much pain and suffering has been experienced by the millions who have had

abortions. Many millions have later re-gretted having an abortion and have

also validated the LACK OF CHOICE given them by Planned Parenthood. If ever

there has been a Planned Parenthood counsellor that has given a clear choice

based on facts, it is because the person was not in agreement with Planned

Parenthood policies. These would be exceptionally few circumstances, for

Planned Parenthood would make it too uncomfortable for them to continue in

that position.


The National Right To Life (NRTL) organization defines human life as

beginning at the point of conception. This agrees with the latest medical

research also. The pro-life group is for allowing that life to continue, as

against killing it (abortion). For this belief that a live human (though yet

in the womb) should be allowed to live, they have chosen to be referred to as

a "pro-life" group, although the news media will usually use the term anti-


The choices (abortion and life) are opposites and once life has been

chosen, their supporters are just as determined that THEIR CHOICE is the one

that everyone should choose. They believe that human life is more important

than the human choice, if it involves killing the innocent (who have no


They want those who have unwanted pregnancies to be provided with the

facts of an abortion and the possible conse-quences. They also want to inform

the person of the help that is available to continue their baby's life and

avoid the regrets that they would have otherwise. They want to give that

person hope and a chance to know the love and joy that having the child would

bring. If they chose not to keep the child it would bring someone else that

joy and they would not have to suffer the guilt, and many times physical and

reproductive injury from an abortion.

The "right to life" is supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution. People

know it is morally wrong to kill and un-told numbers of women are suffering

emotionally and/or physically from having had an abortion. The question is not

"who has the choice?" but rather "what is the right choice?"

Birth is a change of address, from inside the womb, to outside the womb.

Why is it wrong to kill someone after birth into the open, but not if it can

be done in their first home, the womb? Would you rather your mother had chosen

to have an abortion instead of giving birth to you?


First it should be noted that the percentage of abortions for rape,

incest, and to save the mothers' life, is so small (maybe 1 or 2 percent),

that it should not be the dominant reason for insisting on abortion on demand,

as it is so stressed by pro-abortionists. To solve a problem you need to get

at the root of it and not just keep trimming off the branches. As long as the

root is not dealt with, the branches, which are the visible outgrowth, will

continue to grow. Abortion is just one of the branches along with drugs, AIDS,

the decline of education, and many other problems.

There are three major parts of the root which are interrelated. Part of it

is the lack of parental concern and moral guidance, both in the home and in

what goes on in the schools, and part is in the educational system. The third

part is a result of the first two causes, which are changes in the laws such

as Roe v. Wade and others, which have allowed society to degrade itself as if

that were the right thing to do.

The issue is sex education. It would not need to be taught in the schools

if the parents were performing their proper role. It is for that reason that

sex education classes were argued for as being needed in the schools, but what

was taught was not what was needed. By 1987 more than seventy-five percent of

the school districts taught sex educa-tion.1 Planned Parenthood has steadily

increased its influence in these schools by providing programs, classes,

litera-ture, movies, and speakers. Of course Planned Parenthood has not made

it into all the schools, but where they have been involved, they have promoted

their ideas in courses such as "Health" or "Sensitivity Training" or some

other name as a disguise, and used the classes to break down sexual

inhibitions, invalidate sexual taboos, and undermine sexual values.2 One

Planned Parenthood staffer wrote "Our goal is to be ready as educators and

parents to help young people obtain sexual satisfaction before marriage."3

Classes also use pornographic movies4 and literature5 from Planned Parenthood

and intentionally degrade Christians6 and others7 who express moral values.

Members of Sensitivity Training groups who refuse to change are considered

non-conformists or deviants8. Planned Parenthood's influence through the

schools is used to force obscenity and immoral behavior on children against

their will to break down their resistance. One girl in a "Peer Education in

Human Sexuality" program sponsored by Planned Parenthood said that the

training project had pushed her into sex, filled her mind with all sorts of

obscene ideas, and then forced her into an abortion. She said she'd learned

everything except the right things and that she hated what she'd become. A few

days later she committed suicide.9 Millions of teenagers every day in the

classrooms, are in "sexual educational" programs not even designed to

disseminate accurate biological information, but to change the minds, morals,

and motivations of an entire generation10 , and they have been successful!

Even schools not directly influenced by Planned Parenthood are not free

from blame. The purpose and content of sexual education courses (by whatever

name), should be examined for their harmful effects, as well as the idealized

value which may be misleading. The message of acceptance of sexual freedom has

also fostered the lack of responsibility for one's actions. The generation of

adults that has been through the "sexual education" transformation are passing

laws, teaching in the schools, and working in the news media, etc. They

dogmatically promote their immorality and fight for their "rights" to create

an immoral society for everyone. Planned Parenthood has led the way for the

corrupted mind-set of that part of today's society which strongly objects to

teaching abstinence of sexual contact before marriage and condemnation of

immoral acts. They object to morality being taught, but accept the teaching of

amorality and the breaking down of the morality that children do possess. Many

other problems have increased sharply since the institution of Planned

Parenthood "educational" programs which were supposed to have cured these

problems. Some of them are teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, birth

defects, drug abuse, venereal disease, and academic decline.11 Planned

Parenthood actually fosters the problems it claimed it would cure!

While there are other strong influences contributing to this mind-set, the

major ones being TV and Rock Groups, parents and schools have the first means

of providing input into a developing child's mind. Bringing "sex education"

into the schools has forced an early and excessive emphasis of immoral sexual

behavior on children. It has fostered freer discussion and sexual

experimentation among those least in the position to cope with the

consequences. Many children who were unaware of, or didn't understand, the

seriousness of what they were getting into, may have thought they were "just

having fun". They soon found out, if they hadn't already been taught, that

abortions could easily get rid of any possible "problem". Planned Parenthood's

promotion of sexual freedom through the school programs has brought about a

new generation who go to school to find a sex partner and have "fun".

Schools encourage sexual activity by not only permitting it, but having

"classes" for pregnant girls and are even starting to install DAY-CARE in the

schools for their babies--and all at the taxpayers expense under the guise of

edu-cation! Already untold hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars12 have

been wasted on Planned Parenthood and its pro-grams, only to compound the

problems. Is it any wonder that the expense of schools is so great, and the

education qual-ity and motivation so low? Is it any wonder that many children

and young adults are seeking escape through drugs and suicide? For more,

shocking and well documented information about the legacy of Planned

Parenthood read George Grant's book GRAND ILLUSIONS.

Millions in our present society who have gone through a corrupt "sex

education" system, have become so corrupt in their own thinking about sexual

freedom and values, that they don't know right from wrong, and this has

influenced their thinking on many other matters also. They are without moral

and spiritual values, honest speech or respect for truth. They would not want

to "impose" such on others any more than they would accept it for themselves.

They would cry loudly against making the changes necessary to correct the

deplorable situation in the schools.


Parents need to spend more time loving and giving moral training to their

children and demand and support moral training in the schools. According to

the Harris poll, the only things that effectively impact the teen pregnancy

prob-lem are frequent Church attendance and parental oversight,13 the very

things that Planned Parenthood has been railing against for three quarters of

a century. The school should support moral teachings from the parents and

vice-versa. It's not possible to know how many have accepted the Planned

Parenthood teaching, but those who have cry loudly as if they were the

majority. I don't believe that they are, but it only takes a little poison to

contaminate an entire lake and make it unhealthy. Since immoral parents do not

provide a moral example reform seems impossible, yet even immoral parents know

there is a problem and want help. But the solution is not more money or Day

Care. What is needed is first-ly, the removal of the Planned Parenthood

influence and "sex education" classes from elementary schools, middle schools,

and high schools. In their place there needs to be moral and ethical teaching

with responsibility for a person's actions.

Early in the high schools it should be taught that the boy and the girl

have equal responsibility and would be held accountable for sexual

permissiveness before marriage. Legislation might be necessary to put this

into action. Abortion should be exposed for what it really is, the painful

crushing of a human baby before it has grown enough for birth. It should be

taught that abortions are dangerous to the mother's physical and emotional

health. In a study of maternal deaths, released in 1985, abortion had become

the sixth most common cause of death. In that May 1985 issue of Obstetrics and

Gynecology it was also admitted that abortion-related deaths may be under-

reported by as much as fifty percent.14 "According to a national study, no

less than ninety percent of all women who receive abortions experience

moderate to severe emotional and psychiatric stress following the procedures.

Up to ten percent require psychiatric hospitalization or other treatment."15

Teens are not told these or many other facts about abortions.

The present parents that are part of the problem are only perpetuating it

and would not be able to change what they have accepted as "their rights". It

would take many years before a new generation would come through the schools

with decent moral values to become able to train their children properly, just

as it has taken many years to break down the moral fabric of our nation and

produce the problem lifestyle so prevalent today.


We are concerned about the drug problem and the education problem, sexual

abuse, child abuse, murder, sickness, oppression, AIDS, homosexuality,

abortion, insensitivity to needs, and many other problems. The real problem

which feeds all of these has not been addressed, yet it must be before there

can be a real solution. That is the spiritual problem. We would all say that

we want what is good and want to make the right choice for our life. Yet we

see that mankind continues to make the wrong choices for the most part, and

continues to do harm to others and even his own environment. This is because

the spirit of a person is rebelling and dead to the only power that can give

him the prop-er reference to life. That power is the Creator of all life and

the universe and all that is. Who would know better than the One who designed

and made everything in the first place?16 He has made it possible to know him

and how to live by choosing certain people to write down important happenings,

guidelines, and absolutes, in a book called the Bible.17

This great and only true God wants what is best for everyone18 and sets

out rules by which life is meant to be lived. He teaches that life is sacred

and there is a penalty for anyone killing another person. He teaches that any

sexual relationship outside of marriage is not acceptable, that children are

to obey their parents and the parents have a responsibility to teach their

children what is right and wrong by His rules. But this has been rejected by

the majority of people because we have a natural desire to think that we know

what is best, and a refusal to accept alleg-iance to an authority higher than

ourself. This pride fosters lies and a moral decadence that holds us back

from knowing the peace, love, and forgiveness that God offers.19 This is an

outright rebellion against God and an insult to His character. Unless a

person's spirit receives new life from God20, the person will eventually be

separated forever from God's mercy.

Planned Parenthood has no respect for the authority of God and His

teachings on how life is to be lived. Instead they are acting as if they are

the authority and they condemn those who disagree with them. Unless we

recognize the true authority of God we will continue to be overwhelmed with

problems we cannot solve. One needs to be properly informed through the person

and message of Jesus21 that one can receive a rebirth of his spirit22 and

correct the spiritual separation from God. It is through the recognition of

our rebellion against God (sin) and a real desire to change23 (repentance),

that a person can receive a new life and spiritual help to live a rewarding

and Godly life in the present.

Jesus has already done all the work and paid the penalty for our sins. We

do not deserve his goodness and there is no way we can earn the salvation He

offers.24 We can however, either reject it and perish, or receive it by faith

and become a spiritual child of God. This new person can then have fellowship

with God through prayer and reading what He wants us to know in the Bible.

Only God provides the answers and power we need to live by to have peace with

ourself, others, and the Creator and giver of life. If everyone were living

the Godly life we would have true love, happiness, and harmony instead of all

of the problems mentioned above.


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