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The author, Gary North, ph.D., is president of the Institute for

Christian Economics. He has written a number of books including



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The Plague Has Come at Last

by Gary North



"Everybody knows that pestilences have a way of

recurring in the world; yet somehow we find it hard to

believe in ones that crash down on our heads from a blue

sky. There have been as many plagues as wars in history;

yet always plagues and wars take people equally by

surprise." -Albert Camus, THE PLAGUE (1948)

The time has come to fish or cut bait. Because of my concern for

reprisals, I have kept my mouth shut, or at least I have whispered,

for too long. I even turned down a national radio show interview last

month on the topic. But something happened to me a week ago that has

changed my attitude. I am not remaining quiet any longer.

On the final weekend of February, I attended a conference.

Because of restrictions imposed by the organization, I am not allowed

to mention its name. This was a rule established in 1981, at the

first meeting. It's not a secret society; it's more of a publicity-

shy group. The major "New Right" leaders in the U.S. belong, and a

lot of them were in attendance this time.

There is no question what became the focus of attention: a

special briefing on AIDS. I don't think most of the attendees really

knew what AIDS is all about when they walked in. They were stunned

when they walked out. So was I, and I had heard most of it before.

But not all of it.

I can mention who one of the speakers was, since he has agreed:

Gene Antonio. Gene wrote THE AIDS COVERUP? (San Francisco: Ignatius

Press, 1986), by far the best researched and most frightening book on

the topic. Subscribers to FIRESTORM CHATS have already heard some of

the information Antonio has. Another speaker was a U.S. Congressman.

Because of what I learned at that session, and because of two

other public developments that happened that weekend, I am going to put

my reputation on the line and "come out of the closet" myself--the

"hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" closet that the homosexual

community has put us in. I am going to lose some subscribers over

this. I am also pulling the copyright. I want this issue reprinted.

A generation ago, French existentialist philosopher Albert Camus

(caMOO) wrote a grim novel, THE PLAGUE. The plot centered around a

town in which a plague had broken out. Would public health officials

and politicians admit it in time for people to flee, but in doing so

admit defeat for the public health program, or would they simply sit

quietly and let the plague take its course? They did the latter for

far too long. Safety first. For the bureaucrats.

That same decision now faces us again. Only we are not talking

about a town this time. We are talking about the whole world. There

will be few places for people to flee to.


. . . . . small official notices had been put up about the town,

though in places where they would not attract much attention. It was

hard to find in these notices any indication that the authorities were

facing the situation squarely. The measures enjoined were far from

Draconian and one had the feeling that many concessions had been made

to a desire not to alarm the public.

So wrote Camus in 1948. So writes North in 1987. But the plague

I'm writing about isn't fiction. It's real. It's here.

On Sunday morning, March 1, a local radio station in the Miami

area broadcast a most remarkable program. The British Broadcasting

Corporation (BBC) broadcast a show dealing with AIDS. They opened

their phone lines to the whole world. Then they started giving the

facts. The facts, if they do not change, are going to restructure

Western Civilization as nothing has in over 400 years. But no one

quite gets around to saying this.

But what they do admit is bad enough. Before the disease has run

its course, world public health officials estimate, ABOUT ONE HUNDRED


confirmed later that evening by Surgeon General Koop on the Larry King

television show.

A hundred million people is as many people as those who died in

all the wars and concentration camps of the twentieth century

(excluding China -- no one knows how many died in China). I am using

the estimate of Gil Elliot, TWENTIETH CENTURY BOOK OF THE DEAD,

Scribners, 1971, p. 1. But it will happen in a little over a decade.

At present, the number of those coming down with the third stage

of the disease, called full-blown AIDS, is doubling each year. The

mathematical precision is uncanny. The head of the public health

department predicted to Rev. Ed Rowe in 1985 the number of people

who would die from AIDS in 1986. His estimate was accurate TO THE


VANITY FAIR is no doubt the most cleverly and accurately named

magazine in the U.S. (Vanity Fair was the city of hedonism in John

Bunyan's 17th century allegory, PARADISE LOST.) The March issue

contains an article, "One By One." It surveys AIDS's impact on New

York City's artistic community. In every field -- opera, dancing,

music, painting, drama -- they have died. The deaths are


But it goes far beyond the arts. It goes to the heart of the

modern welfare State: the health-care delivery system. The VANITY

FAIR article cites Dr. William Grace, chief of oncology (cancer) at

St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City. What he says is happening

all over the country, but quietly -- for the public has not yet begun

to panic, and no official wants to be blamed:

"Every ten to twelve months the number of AIDS patients

doubles. Right now at St. Vincent's, 45 medical beds -- of

our 315 beds available -- are occupied by AIDS patients, and

most of these are middle-class patients, not the drug users

or others without medical coverage, who get sent to

Bellevue. What happens next year, when we have ninety

patients? And 180 the year after that? In four years we

will have exhausted all the medical beds in New York."


MEDICAL BEDS IN NEW YORK." And what he admits for New York City is

what faces every hospital in the U.S. Dr. Grace is blunt: "I think

AIDS is going to devastate the American medical system."

The National Academy of Sciences has released a study -- a

CONSERVATIVE study -- that estimates 270,000 cases of full-blown AIDS

in 1991. There will also be 179,000 deaths from AIDS. Now, let's

look at the number of beds in the U.S. Gene Antonio's carefully

researched book points out that there are 1,360,000 hospital beds

available. Of these, about three-quarters are occupied at any given

time. This leaves about 325,000 beds unoccupied. But as he points

out, not all of these beds are suitable for full-blown residents. The

first 10,000 patients who died from AIDS stayed an average of 167 days

in the hospital before they died.

The actual outlay on each patient was $147,000. This means that

it cost about a billion and a half dollars to care for them before

they died. This does not count the loss of income associated with

each person's death. It does not count the taxes that will never be

collected from them to fund the public health, Medicare, Medicaid, and

Social Security systems.

If prices remain the same, which they won't, as hospitals

approach 100% occupancy -- and it cost about $150,000 per dying victim

-- in 1991 it will cost in the neighborhood of $40 billion just to

house them before they die.

In 1992, we will run out of available hospital beds. This means

that when you take a family member to stay in the hospital, you will

either be sent away, or be sent to a very expensive private hospital,

or they will start stacking AIDS victims up in minimal-care, crowded


By then, many victims will be heterosexuals.

But after 1991, it starts getting really serious. Unless a cure

is found, or for some reason the disease ceases to be lethal, the

doubling process gets us. Those infected today now number between

three million and four million. The incubation period, says Dr. Koop,

is ten years. They don't know how many people presently infected will

actually get full-blown AIDS, but it may be as high as half. It may

be 100%, if we wait long enough. But the disease is spreading fast.

If it continues to double, 64 million Americans will be infected by

the end of 1990. If it slows to half the present rate, and does so

immediately, then "only" 15 million will be carriers in 1990.

This is why the BBC reported that medical health officials expect

that 10 MILLION U.S. residents will die of AIDS by the year 2000. If

we can keep the cost per patient to $150,000, it will cost $1.5

TRILLION just to care for them until they die. This does not count

the permanent loss of jobs, skills, productivity, and the widows who

will be thrown into the system with a few thousand dollars of life

insurance -- assuming that in the year 2000, there will be any private

life insurance companies still in existence.

The disease is not hitting elderly couples now on Medicare. It

is hitting the young. It is hitting those who are expected to finance

the U.S. welfare system. It is hitting those who expect to be

supported by the State in their "golden years."

But this isn't front-page news. Iran is. Or the latest gossip

from the White House.

The day it becomes front-page news, the West is going to have a

revolution. It will mark the end of the present statist, humanist,

fist-in-God's-face road.

In THE PLAGUE, the public authorities admitted a crises at the

end of Part I of the book. When will Part I of OUR "book" occur?


Dr. Koop is preaching condoms for teenagers. He wants a huge sex

education program in the public schools. Here is the ultimate irony:

the Christian conservative is now promoting the one program above all

others that conservatives have fought for three decades: Federal sex

education in the schools. The Koop report could have been written by

the Gay Liberation Task Force on AIDS. Its solution is educational

and technical, not moral and religious.

The only long-term solution is MORAL AND RELIGIOUS. We are not

saved by knowledge. For three decades we have seen that sexual

promiscuity increases with every sex education program introduced into

the public schools. Conservatives have been yelling about this the

whole time. Now, I fear, they will remain silent, and a full-scale

sex education program with no holds barred will be given to our


Not MY children. They are in a private school, and that's where

they are going to stay. There is going to be a panic soon. When

stories begin to get out about the AIDS plague in the local high

schools and junior high schools, THERE IS GOING TO BE A WILD EXODUS

FROM THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. You KNOW I'm right. All talk about "white

flight" will end; regardless of race, color, or national origin, THE


waves, all over the country. The bureaucrats should know it's

coming. They will be desperate. The humanist left's major

institution of middle-class indoctrination is going to perish. I

think it will happen before the mid-1990's.

I suggest that if you have your children in a private school that

the headmaster demand a blood test from all students 12 or over, at

the beginning of each school year. Eventually, this will be expected.

When the exodus begins, private schools will have to defend their

students from outside contamination. We are talking about a plague,

not the measles.

Dr. Koop wants us to teach eighth graders about the proper use of

condoms. Baloney! We need to get our children educated about moral

behavior, faithfulness, sexual restraint, and the horrendous risks to

life if they violate these standards. Koop has become a kind of

bureaucratic condom himself: preaching a prophylactic solution to a

world facing a religious crisis. He has betrayed his trust. As a

Christian, he has so far missed the key assignment of his career. No

other Surgeon General in U.S. history has ever had the limelight

focused on him, and he has become the agent of the conservatives'

mortal enemies. If you thought Siecus was a threat, consider Dr.

Koop's recommended program.


Disease Control announced on January 11, 1985, that "There is a risk

of infecting others by ... exposure of others through oral-genital

contact or intimate kissing" (cited by Antonio, p. 108). Is Koop

crazy? No, Koop is simply a faithful representative of a morally

corrupt and scared medical and governmental bureaucracy. He fears

taking the needed message to the people. He fears public controversy



But his gospel is having economic effects. Stocks in condom

manufacturing companies have doubled or tripled. But Koop is being

unfaithful to the God he worships and the community he serves. He has

retreated into medical techniques as the nation's haven of safety. It

will not work.

First, people refuse to use them. By the time they are scared

enough to begin, it will be too late. AIDS is an incredible killer.

A single virus -- or lenti (slow) virus -- invades the victim's cell,

passes the genetic material to it, and then the victim's own body does

the rest. The cells multiply, replicating through the victim's body.

The immunity system is rendered ineffective. And in those rare cases

where the victims survive the loss of immunity, THE AIDS VIRUS ATTACKS


Ed Rowe cites the only scientific study of condoms as a defense

device. Of those couples using condoms, where one was infected, the

other was infected in one out of six of the couples in the test. As

Rowe says, this is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette with one

bullet in the chamber. Of those who did not use condoms, five out of

six transmitted it. This is Russian Roulette with five bullets out of

six -- far worse odds, but is it worth your life to rely on condoms?

(FIRESTORM CHATS subscribers will receive my interview with Rowe in a

few weeks.)

I agree entirely with Phyllis Schlafly's open letter to Dr. Koop.

He must publicly come out in favor of sexual abstinence until

marriage. Nothing else will work. Nothing else has a chance. Our

children will die unless they abandon sexual promiscuity. The sexual

revolution, unless reversed, will kill them. Koop is betraying his

trust -- as a physician, as a Christian, and as the top medical

spokesman of the Federal government. He was the only public official

picked by President Reagan as a gesture to placate the Christian vote,

and now Dr. Koop has turned to medical solutions that cannot do more

than DELAY THE DEATH SENTENCE for millions of teenagers. He is

betraying his calling. No public health official in U.S. history has

ever had such a responsibility. None has been the key figure at the

beginning of a plague. Yet he can only recommend condoms.


inside the marriage relationship, and nowhere else.

Here we find Dr. Koop, a vocal Christian, recommending condoms.

HE IS SENTENCING YOUNG PEOPLE TO DEATH. They may believe him, and if

they do, they will die. There is only one answer, at best: monogamy.

He should be telling them that they are risking death if they try sex

at all before marriage, and only in marriage after blood tests. I say

tests, because a new AIDS virus, called LAV-2, has now appeared that

does not show up in the present AIDS blood test.

The problem with AIDS is that the virus mutates rapidly. Any

defense against it is thwarted by the rapidly evolving virus.

An EVOLVING virus: what a perfect means of bringing the age of

Darwinian self-confidence to an end! God has a sense of humor.


At the briefing, one of the speakers related an unforgettable

story. It's a true story. It was reported a few weeks ago in Ft.

Worth, Texas. A young married man was propositioned by a good looking

woman. He hadn't been a swinger, but he decided to take advantage of

a special situation. When he awoke the next morning, the girl was

gone. On the mirror, she had written a message in lipstick: "Welcome

to the world of AIDS."

He went for testing. He tested positive. Almost certainly, he

will die from AIDS. Only somewhat less certainly, so will his wife.

There are thousands of AIDS victims who know they are going to

die within 24 months. Some of them are resentful. ENVY IS DOMINANT.

They have decided to bring down the "straights", not because they can

gain anything by the pain of others, but simply because they want to

destroy them.

In New York City, 10% of the AIDS victims are women. Surveys

indicate that 80% of women with bisexual husbands are unaware of this

fact (TIME, Feb. 16, p. 52). Wives who trust their husbands had

better have husbands worth trusting, and vice versa. Their lives

depend on it.

Then come blood bank donations. According to Congressman

Dannemeyer, there is a rule against allowing intravenous drug users

from donating blood to public blood banks. These people supply about

17% of all AIDS-contaminated blood. There is no restriction against

donations from homosexuals, who supply 83% of the AIDS-contaminated

blood. Gays are asked voluntarily to refrain from giving blood if

they SUSPECT that they might be carriers. As he said, "If gray-eyed

people were found to carry AIDS, they would not be allow to donate

blood. They have no powerful lobby in Washington."

An outraged homosexual need only give blood to exact envious

revenge against the straight community. Nothing is being done to

protect the straights. The straights have no lobby to protect them.


If it takes a political revolution to get such a lobby, then this

nation will experience a political revolution within three or four

years. The backlash is coming, on a scale so massive that today's

liberals cannot comprehend it (and probably will not survive it -- not

if they remain liberals), and today's conservatives, hiding in their

closets, afraid to speak out to defend themselves or this

civilization, will not be in there much longer.

I'm getting out of my closet with this issue. We are under

siege. The homosexuals didn't create this plague; God did. But they

are the primary distributors.

Of course, it is really a waste of time to get angry with them.

They won't be around much longer. A decade from now, they will all be

dead. There will be no gay lobby because there will be no male gays.

(The irony of all this is that the one group that is probably safest

is the lesbian community.) But we must recognize what we face. The

disease will be here in a decade because judgment has come.

All over the country, physicians are personally donating their

own blood before they submit themselves to an operation. This is

being done quietly. I spoke to a surgeon about this recently, and he

confirmed it. The Red Cross and other blood centers used to

discourage this practice -- too much paperwork. But for an extra fee,

they do permit this arrangement.

If your are considering surgery, this is a must. If you belong

to a conservative church, try to get other members with your blood

type, or universal donors (type O) to donate for you. Blood donating

for other members will become a major aspect of church charitable

giving from now on. But understand, this is no sure-fire answer; it

simply reduces risks. The AIDS plague will be in the churches soon


The hospitals refuse to segregate AIDS patients from others.

Former nurse Candice Comstive testified to the Houston City Council on

Sept. 25, 1985. She had been fired from her job at the Memorial City

Medical Center. She had been employed in the cancer wing. They

assigned her AIDS patients without telling her that's what they were

suffering from. Those without infections but carriers of the AIDS

lentivirus were not isolated. The patients were not confined to

their rooms.

"I had one AIDS patient in January, 1985, who was placed

on "STRICT ISOLATION". He was in the kitchen at 7:30 a.m.

pouring himself coffee, which was not unusual. I suggested

he return to his room, and with that he turned and vomited

on me and the kitchen as well. I changed into "scrubs" and

returned to my assignment of patients for the day. An

unsuspecting "house-cleaning" employee with mop in hand

cleaned up the mess left on the cabinets and floor."

They had no designated rooms for AIDS patients in the hospital.

You will love this: "Rooms at the end of the hall used for AIDS

patients are also used by pediatric patients."

She was fired. She was also told that "they did not think I

would be able to find work in any hospital, though, because AIDS is

being treated in the same manner all over. Nurses elsewhere have

verbally validated that statement." (Antonio, pp. 150-52).

Nurses are becoming the heroines of this story. Hospital

administrators and physicians are the gutless villains. And you and I

are the potential victims.


They keep telling us that the disease can be transmitted only by

sexual contact. How do they know? They say that mosquitos carry it,

but they do not transmit it. How do they know? Ed Rowe made this

observation. To test the validity of the theory regarding insect

transmission they need an infected person, an insect to bite him,

and a volunteer who does not have the disease who will allow the


ALMOST CERTAINLY GOING TO DIE. They have had no volunteers, so far.

The prestigious British medical journal, LANCET, published this

report two years ago (Feb. 16, 1985):

There is little evidence for homosexual activity among

African AIDS patients and seriopositive subjects. In Africa

HTLV-III (the AIDS lentivirus - G.N.) appears to be

transmitted through heterosexual contact or exposure to

blood through insect bites or scarification. ... (Cited by

Antonio, THE AIDS COVER-UP?, p. 72.)

If it turns out that mosquitos can transmit it, then you and I

are in the hands of God.

An Associated Press report last August revealed the following:

PARIS (AP) -- Insects contaminated with the AIDS virus

have been found in two African nations, but there is no

evidence that they pose a threat to humans, a leading French

researcher said Tuesday, Aug. 26, 1986. Most of the 80

mosquitoes, cockroaches, ant-lions, tsetse flies and other

insects tested from Zaire and the Central African Republic

were infected with the deadly virus, said Dr. Jean-Claude

Chermann of the Pasteur Institute.

Having announced this, Chermann then took the Camus road to a

calm public: "There is no way of transmission to humans by mosquitoes

or other insects." Scientists are usually very guarded with their

language. They use qualifying phrases, such as "at the present time,

we believe..." and "There is no clear-cut positive research

indicating..." This enables them to cover their professional

backsides if counter-evidence is discovered. It also allows them to

ask for more research money. But in this case, Chermann was certain -



that the obvious is not possible.

Antonio, in a paper released after his book, refers to studies of

African children. Over 15% of small children in the high AIDS regions

of central Africa have been infected, and researchers believe bedbugs

are the transmitters. As I told Antonio when he told me this: "Sleep

tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite!" ("Taint funny, McGee," as Molly

used to say.)

Dr. Mark Whiteside and Dr. Carolyn MacLeod, researchers at the

Institute of Tropical Medicine in Miami, Florida, discovered evidence

that AIDS was being transmitted by mosquitos in the town of Belle

Glade, Florida (Antonio, p. 106). They presented their findings as

early as April of 1985, but little coverage was given to them.

One public health official later broke a gag order from his

superiors and went to the press about the Belle Glade crisis. Gus

Sermos was (at the time) a public health official from the Atlanta

Centers for Disease Control Assigned to Florida. He was abruptly

moved from his post when he challenged CDC's position that

environmental factors had nothing to do with AIDS there. The

community has a high percentage of NIR: Not Identifiable Risk. He

testified before the state legislature in early January, 1986.

In 1986, an official with the county health organization of

Houston said that he believes that mosquitos transmit AIDS. In 1987,

he was fired. Camus was on target.

Dr. James Slaff of the National Institutes of Health reports that

the AIDS virus can stay alive outside the body for several days,

unlike most other retroviruses. It can survive for up to a week in a

dried-out tube or petri dish (LANCET, Sept. 28, 1985). Later studies

indicate that the beasties survive for 10 days (Journal of the

American Medical Association Medical News, 22/29 Nov. 1985, p. 2866;

cited in Antonio, P. 111.) Six months later, the Pasteur Institute

said it survived for over 15 days at room temperature (p. 112).

But what does the Federal government say? In 1986, Dr. Robert

Redfield, who is with the Department of Virus Diseases of the Walter

Reed Army Institute of Research, wrote a report for Abbott

Laboratories in which he assured us, "The virus is fragile outside the

human host and appears to be easily killed by detergents, hand soaps,

alcohols, hydrogen peroxide, phenolics, and sodium hypochloride. High

and low pH and an exposure to high temperatures will inactivate or

kill it."

But it can survive at room temperature if someone coughs, and

remain dormant for over two weeks. A real "fragile" disease.

What is fragile is the government's sense of calm, and its public

image of being fully in control.


Other epidemics could be controlled by quarantine. They came

fast, and they went fast. The exception was tuberculosis. Now,

horrifyingly, this dread disease is returning as a side-effect of


How can you quarantine a hundred million people? You can't

execute them, yet this is the only means of removing the first cousin

of the AIDS lentivirus which attacks sheep.

You simply wait. And pray. And take steps to reduce the

likelihood of your family's contracting the disease. But the problem

is, pandemics reach a stage called CRITICAL MASS. At some point, the

disease leaps the normal transmission barriers and spreads far beyond.

This may not happen with AIDS. Yet it may.

In Texas, there have been 2,000 people with full-blown AIDS. So

far, 1,300 have died (62%). By 1991, state health officials estimate

there will be 16,000. It will be 60,000 by 1996. The plague is here.

The world will eventually panic. When it does, who will be ready with

answers? Which group will pick up the pieces?





This article was reprinted from Gary North's REMNANT REVIEW, Vol. 14,

No. 5, March 6, 1987. It also appeared in The Counsel of Chalcedon,

April-May, 1987.

For more information on this subject, read the following books. They

are probably available at a Christian bookstore near you, or you can

order them from The Counsel of Chalcedon for the indicated donation

amount from the address below:

THE AIDS COVER-UP? The Real and Alarming Facts About Aids

by Gene Antonio ($25)


by Greg Bahnsen ($20)

THE AIDS EPIDEMIC, A Citizen's Guide to Protecting your Family and

Community from the Gay Plague

by Lawrence E. Lockman ($15)

The address is:

The Counsel of Chalcedon

3032 Hacienda Court

Marrieta, GA 30066

By the way, a subscription to The Councel of Chalcedon newsletter, one

of the best Christian newsletters available, is $15 a year.


Also, the following cassette tape series by Joseph C. Morecraft, III,

pastor of the Chalcedon Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, is available:

Homosexuality & AIDS I (I Corinthians 6:9-11)

Homosexuality & AIDS II (Deut. 28:15-22; Rev. 6:7-8)

How God Removes Dross From a Culture (Isaiah 1:18-26)

This set of crucial messages can be ordered for $12 from:

Multi-Media Ministries

P. O. Box 28358

Atlanta, GA 30358


An interview with Gene Antonio, author of THE AIDS COVER-UP?, source

of much of the information in this article, is available on cassette

tape for a donation of $10 (I think) from:

Focus on the Family

Box 500

Arcadia, CA 91006



This article was reproduced in text file form by Bob Nance, SYSOP

for the DOMINION Conference


a 24 hour Bulletin Board System in Clarksdale, MS


Please share it freely with everyone you can. Thanks... BN 6-23-87


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