GEN 14:22 And Abram said to the king of Sodom, I have lift up mine hand unto

the LORD, the most high God, the possessor of heaven and earth,

GEN 14:23 That I will not take from a thread even to a shoelatchet, and that I

will not take any thing that is thine, lest thou shouldest say, I have made

Abram rich:

GEN 21:22 And it came to pass at that time, that Abimelech and Phichol the

chief captain of his host spake unto Abraham, saying, God is with thee in all

that thou doest:

GEN 21:23 Now therefore swear unto me here by God that thou wilt not deal

falsely with me, nor with my son, nor with my son's son: but according to the

kindness that I have done unto thee, thou shalt do unto me, and to the land

wherein thou hast sojourned.

GEN 22:16 And said, By myself have I sworn, saith the LORD, for because thou

hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son:

GEN 24:2 And Abraham said unto his eldest servant of his house, that ruled over

all that he had, Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh:

GEN 24:3 And I will make thee swear by the LORD, the God of heaven, and the God

of the earth, that thou shalt not take a wife unto my son of the daughters of

the Canaanites, among whom I dwell:

GEN 24:9 And the servant put his hand under the thigh of Abraham his master,

and sware to him concerning that matter.

GEN 25:33 And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he sware unto him: and he

sold his birthright unto Jacob.

GEN 26:26 Then Abimelech went to him from Gerar, and Ahuzzath one of his

friends, and Phichol the chief captain of his army.

GEN 26:27 And Isaac said unto them, Wherefore come ye to me, seeing ye hate me,

and have sent me away from you?

GEN 26:28 And they said, We saw certainly that the LORD was with thee: and we

said, Let there be now an oath betwixt us, even betwixt us and thee, and let us

make a covenant with thee;

GEN 26:29 That thou wilt do us no hurt, as we have not touched thee, and as we

have done unto thee nothing but good, and have sent thee away in peace: thou art

now the blessed of the LORD.

GEN 26:31 And they rose up betimes in the morning, and sware one to another:

and Isaac sent them away, and they departed from him in peace.

GEN 31:53 The God of Abraham, and the God of Nahor, the God of their father,

judge betwixt us. And Jacob sware by the fear of his father Isaac.

GEN 47:28 And Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years: so the whole

age of Jacob was an hundred forty and seven years.

GEN 47:29 And the time drew nigh that Israel must die: and he called his son

Joseph, and said unto him, If now I have found grace in thy sight, put, I pray

thee, thy hand under my thigh, and deal kindly and truly with me; bury me not, I

pray thee, in Egypt:

GEN 47:30 But I will lie with my fathers, and thou shalt carry me out of Egypt,

and bury me in their buryingplace. And he said, I will do as thou hast said.

GEN 47:31 And he said, Swear unto me. And he sware unto him. And Israel bowed

himself upon the bed's head.

GEN 50:25 And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, God will

surely visit you, and ye shall carry up my bones from hence.

EXO 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD

will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

EXO 22:10 If a man deliver unto his neighbour an ass, or an ox, or a sheep, or

any beast, to keep; and it die, or be hurt, or driven away, no man seeing it:

EXO 22:11 Then shall an oath of the LORD be between them both, that he hath not

put his hand unto his neighbour's goods; and the owner of it shall accept

thereof, and he shall not make it good.

EXO 23:1 Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the

wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

LEV 6:2 If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie unto his

neighbour in that which was delivered him to keep, or in fellowship, or in a

thing taken away by violence, or hath deceived his neighbour;

LEV 6:3 Or have found that which was lost, and lieth concerning it, and

sweareth falsely; in any of all these that a man doeth, sinning therein:

LEV 6:4 Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, and is guilty, that he shall

restore that which he took violently away, or the thing which he hath

deceitfully gotten, or that which was delivered him to keep, or the lost thing

which he found,

LEV 6:5 Or all that about which he hath sworn falsely; he shall even restore it

in the principal, and shall add the fifth part more thereto, and give it unto

him to whom it appertaineth, in the day of his trespass offering.

LEV 19:12 And ye shall not swear by my name falsely, neither shalt thou profane

the name of thy God: I am the LORD.

NUM 5:19 And the priest shall charge her by an oath, and say unto the woman, If

no man have lain with thee, and if thou hast not gone aside to uncleanness with

another instead of thy husband, be thou free from this bitter water that causeth

the curse:

NUM 5:20 But if thou hast gone aside to another instead of thy husband, and if

thou be defiled, and some man have lain with thee beside thine husband:

NUM 5:21 Then the priest shall charge the woman with an oath of cursing, and

the priest shall say unto the woman, The LORD make thee a curse and an oath

among thy people, when the LORD doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to


NUM 5:22 And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to

make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen,


NUM 5:23 And the priest shall write these curses in a book, and he shall blot

them out with the bitter water:

NUM 5:24 And he shall cause the woman to drink the bitter water that causeth

the curse: and the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become


DEU 6:13 Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God, and serve him, and shalt swear by

his name.

JOS 2:12 Now therefore, I pray you, swear unto me by the LORD, since I have

shewed you kindness, that ye will also shew kindness unto my father's house, and

give me a true token:

JOS 2:13 And that ye will save alive my father, and my mother, and my brethren,

and my sisters, and all that they have, and deliver our lives from death.

JOS 2:14 And the men answered her, Our life for yours, if ye utter not this our

business. And it shall be, when the LORD hath given us the land, that we will

deal kindly and truly with thee.

JOS 6:22 But Joshua had said unto the two men that had spied out the country,

Go into the harlot's house, and bring out thence the woman, and all that she

hath, as ye sware unto her.

JOS 9:3 And when the inhabitants of Gibeon heard what Joshua had done unto

Jericho and to Ai,

JOS 9:4 They did work wilily, and went and made as if they had been

ambassadors, and took old sacks upon their asses, and wine bottles, old, and

rent, and bound up;

JOS 9:5 And old shoes and clouted upon their feet, and old garments upon them;

and all the bread of their provision was dry and mouldy.

JOS 9:6 And they went to Joshua unto the camp at Gilgal, and said unto him, and

to the men of Israel, We be come from a far country: now therefore make ye a

league with us.

JOS 9:7 And the men of Israel said unto the Hivites, Peradventure ye dwell

among us; and how shall we make a league with you?

JOS 9:8 And they said unto Joshua, We are thy servants. And Joshua said unto

them, Who are ye? and from whence come ye?

JOS 9:9 And they said unto him, From a very far country thy servants are come

because of the name of the LORD thy God: for we have heard the fame of him, and

all that he did in Egypt,

JOS 9:10 And all that he did to the two kings of the Amorites, that were beyond

Jordan, to Sihon king of Heshbon, and to Og king of Bashan, which was at


JOS 9:11 Wherefore our elders and all the inhabitants of our country spake to

us, saying, Take victuals with you for the journey, and go to meet them, and say

unto them, We are your servants: therefore now make ye a league with us.

JOS 9:12 This our bread we took hot for our provision out of our houses on the

day we came forth to go unto you; but now, behold, it is dry, and it is mouldy:

JOS 9:13 And these bottles of wine, which we filled, were new; and, behold,

they be rent: and these our garments and our shoes are become old by reason of

the very long journey.

JOS 9:14 And the men took of their victuals, and asked not counsel at the mouth

of the LORD.

JOS 9:15 And Joshua made peace with them, and made a league with them, to let

them live: and the princes of the congregation sware unto them.

JOS 9:16 And it came to pass at the end of three days after they had made a

league with them, that they heard that they were their neighbours, and that they

dwelt among them.

JOS 9:17 And the children of Israel journeyed, and came unto their cities on

the third day. Now their cities were Gibeon, and Chephirah, and Beeroth, and


JOS 9:18 And the children of Israel smote them not, because the princes of the

congregation had sworn unto them by the LORD God of Israel. And all the

congregation murmured against the princes.

JOS 9:19 But all the princes said unto all the congregation, We have sworn unto

them by the LORD God of Israel: now therefore we may not touch them.

JOS 9:20 This we will do to them; we will even let them live, lest wrath be

upon us, because of the oath which we sware unto them.

JOS 14:9 And Moses sware on that day, saying, Surely the land whereon thy feet

have trodden shall be thine inheritance, and thy children's for ever, because

thou hast wholly followed the LORD my God.

JDG 11:10 And the elders of Gilead said unto Jephthah, The LORD be witness

between us, if we do not so according to thy words.

JDG 21:5 And the children of Israel said, Who is there among all the tribes of

Israel that came not up with the congregation unto the LORD? For they had made a

great oath concerning him that came not up to the LORD to Mizpeh, saying, He

shall surely be put to death.

RTH 1:17 Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do

so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me.

RTH 3:13 Tarry this night, and it shall be in the morning, that if he will

perform unto thee the part of a kinsman, well; let him do the kinsman's part:

but if he will not do the part of a kinsman to thee, then will I do the part of

a kinsman to thee, as the LORD liveth: lie down until the morning.

1SA 19:6 And Saul hearkened unto the voice of Jonathan: and Saul sware, As the

LORD liveth, he shall not be slain.

1SA 20:3 And David sware moreover, and said, Thy father certainly knoweth that

I have found grace in thine eyes; and he saith, Let not Jonathan know this, lest

he be grieved: but truly as the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, there is

but a step between me and death.

1SA 20:13 The LORD do so and much more to Jonathan: but if it please my father

to do thee evil, then I will shew it thee, and send thee away, that thou mayest

go in peace: and the LORD be with thee, as he hath been with my father.

1SA 20:14 And thou shalt not only while yet I live shew me the kindness of the

LORD, that I die not:

1SA 20:15 But also thou shalt not cut off thy kindness from my house for ever:

no, not when the LORD hath cut off the enemies of David every one from the face

of the earth.

1SA 20:16 So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David, saying, Let the

LORD even require it at the hand of David's enemies.

1SA 20:17 And Jonathan caused David to swear again, because he loved him: for

he loved him as he loved his own soul.

1SA 24:21 Swear now therefore unto me by the LORD, that thou wilt not cut off

my seed after me, and that thou wilt not destroy my name out of my father's


1SA 24:22 And David sware unto Saul. And Saul went home; but David and his men

gat them up unto the hold.

1SA 28:10 And Saul sware to her by the LORD, saying, As the LORD liveth, there

shall no punishment happen to thee for this thing.

2SA 3:35 And when all the people came to cause David to eat meat while it was

yet day, David sware, saying, So do God to me, and more also, if I taste bread,

or ought else, till the sun be down.

2SA 19:7 Now therefore arise, go forth, and speak comfortably unto thy

servants: for I swear by the LORD, if thou go not forth, there will not tarry

one with thee this night: and that will be worse unto thee than all the evil

that befell thee from thy youth until now.

2SA 21:7 But the king spared Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan the son of Saul,

because of the LORD'S oath that was between them, between David and Jonathan the

son of Saul.

1KI 1:28 Then king David answered and said, Call me Bathsheba. And she came

into the king's presence, and stood before the king.

1KI 1:29 And the king sware, and said, As the LORD liveth, that hath redeemed

my soul out of all distress,

1KI 2:23 Then king Solomon sware by the LORD, saying, God do so to me, and more

also, if Adonijah have not spoken this word against his own life.

1KI 2:42 And the king sent and called for Shimei, and said unto him, Did I not

make thee to swear by the LORD, and protested unto thee, saying, Know for a

certain, on the day thou goest out, and walkest abroad any whither, that thou

shalt surely die? and thou saidst unto me, The word that I have heard is good.

1KI 8:31 If any man trespass against his neighbour, and an oath be laid upon

him to cause him to swear, and the oath come before thine altar in this house:

1KI 8:32 Then hear thou in heaven, and do, and judge thy servants, condemning

the wicked, to bring his way upon his head; and justifying the righteous, to

give him according to his righteousness.

2KI 2:2 And Elijah said unto Elisha, Tarry here, I pray thee; for the LORD hath

sent me to Bethel. And Elisha said unto him, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul

liveth, I will not leave thee. So they went down to Bethel.

2KI 5:20 But Gehazi, the servant of Elisha the man of God, said, Behold, my

master hath spared Naaman this Syrian, in not receiving at his hands that which

he brought: but, as the LORD liveth, I will run after him, and take somewhat of


2KI 6:31 Then he said, God do so and more also to me, if the head of Elisha the

son of Shaphat shall stand on him this day.

2KI 11:4 And the seventh year Jehoiada sent and fetched the rulers over

hundreds, with the captains and the guard, and brought them to him into the

house of the LORD, and made a covenant with them, and took an oath of them in

the house of the LORD, and shewed them the king's son.

2CH 36:13 And he also rebelled against king Nebuchadnezzar, who had made him

swear by God: but he stiffened his neck, and hardened his heart from turning

unto the LORD God of Israel.

EZR 10:5 Then arose Ezra, and made the chief priests, the Levites, and all

Israel, to swear that they should do according to this word. And they sware.

EZR 10:19 And they gave their hands that they would put away their wives; and

being guilty, they offered a ram of the flock for their trespass.

NEH 5:12 Then said they, We will restore them, and will require nothing of

them; so will we do as thou sayest. Then I called the priests, and took an oath

of them, that they should do according to this promise.

NEH 5:13 Also I shook my lap, and said, So God shake out every man from his

house, and from his labour, that performeth not this promise, even thus be he

shaken out, and emptied. And all the congregation said, Amen, and praised the

LORD. And the people did according to this promise.

PSA 15:1 LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy


PSA 15:2 He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the

truth in his heart.

PSA 15:4 In whose eyes a vile person is contemned; but he honoureth them that

fear the LORD. He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.

PSA 89:35 Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David.

PSA 95:11 Unto whom I sware in my wrath that they should not enter into my


PSA 105:9 Which covenant he made with Abraham, and his oath unto Isaac;

PSA 132:11 The LORD hath sworn in truth unto David; he will not turn from it;

Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne.

ECC 8:2 I counsel thee to keep the king's commandment, and that in regard of

the oath of God.

ISA 14:24 The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so

shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:

ISA 45:23 I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in

righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every

tongue shall swear.

ISA 48:1 Hear ye this, O house of Jacob, which are called by the name of

Israel, and are come forth out of the waters of Judah, which swear by the name

of the LORD, and make mention of the God of Israel, but not in truth, nor in


JER 4:2 And thou shalt swear, The LORD liveth, in truth, in judgment, and in

righteousness; and the nations shall bless themselves in him, and in him shall

they glory.

JER 5:2 And though they say, The LORD liveth; surely they swear falsely.

JER 5:7 How shall I pardon thee for this? thy children have forsaken me, and

sworn by them that are no gods: when I had fed them to the full, they then

committed adultery, and assembled themselves by troops in the harlots' houses.

JER 7:8 Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit.

JER 7:9 Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn

incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not;

JER 11:5 That I may perform the oath which I have sworn unto your fathers, to

give them a land flowing with milk and honey, as it is this day. Then answered

I, and said, So be it, O LORD.

JER 12:16 And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of

my people, to swear by my name, The LORD liveth; as they taught my people to

swear by Baal; then shall they be built in the midst of my people.

JER 22:5 But if ye will not hear these words, I swear by myself, saith the

LORD, that this house shall become a desolation.

JER 38:16 So Zedekiah the king sware secretly unto Jeremiah, saying, As the

LORD liveth, that made us this soul, I will not put thee to death, neither will

I give thee into the hand of these men that seek thy life.

JER 40:9 And Gedaliah the son of Ahikam the son of Shaphan sware unto them and

to their men, saying, Fear not to serve the Chaldeans: dwell in the land, and

serve the king of Babylon, and it shall be well with you.

JER 49:13 For I have sworn by myself, saith the LORD, that Bozrah shall become

a desolation, a reproach, a waste, and a curse; and all the cities thereof shall

be perpetual wastes.

JER 51:14 The LORD of hosts hath sworn by himself, saying, Surely I will fill

thee with men, as with caterpillers; and they shall lift up a shout against


DAN 9:11 Yea, all Israel have transgressed thy law, even by departing, that

they might not obey thy voice; therefore the curse is poured upon us, and the

oath that is written in the law of Moses the servant of God, because we have

sinned against him.

DAN 12:7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the

river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware

by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and

when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all

these things shall be finished.

HOS 4:15 Though thou, Israel, play the harlot, yet let not Judah offend; and

come not ye unto Gilgal, neither go ye up to Bethaven, nor swear, The LORD


MAT 5:33 Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou

shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths:

MAT 5:34 But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is

God's throne:

MAT 5:35 Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for

it is the city of the great King.

MAT 5:36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one

hair white or black.

MAT 5:37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is

more than these cometh of evil.

MAT 14:7 Whereupon he promised with an oath to give her whatsoever she would


MAT 14:9 And the king was sorry: nevertheless for the oath's sake, and them

which sat with him at meat, he commanded it to be given her.

MAT 23:18 And, Whosoever shall swear by the altar, it is nothing; but whosoever

sweareth by the gift that is upon it, he is guilty.

MAT 23:19 Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar

that sanctifieth the gift?

MAT 23:20 Whoso therefore shall swear by the altar, sweareth by it, and by all

things thereon.

MAT 23:21 And whoso shall swear by the temple, sweareth by it, and by him that

dwelleth therein.

MAT 23:22 And he that shall swear by heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and

by him that sitteth thereon.

MAT 26:63 But Jesus held his peace, And the high priest answered and said unto

him, I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the

Christ, the Son of God.

MAR 14:71 But he began to curse and to swear, saying, I know not this man of

whom ye speak.

LUK 1:73 The oath which he sware to our father Abraham,

ACT 23:12 And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound

themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they

had killed Paul.

ACT 23:13 And they were more than forty which had made this conspiracy.

ACT 23:14 And they came to the chief priests and elders, and said, We have

bound ourselves under a great curse, that we will eat nothing until we have

slain Paul.

2CO 1:23 Moreover I call God for a record upon my soul, that to spare you I

came not as yet unto Corinth.

GAL 1:20 Now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not.

HEB 3:11 So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest.)

HEB 3:18 And to whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest, but to

them that believed not?

HEB 4:3 For we which have believed do enter into rest, as he said, As I have

sworn in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest: although the works were

finished from the foundation of the world.

HEB 6:13 For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no

greater, he sware by himself,

HEB 6:14 Saying, Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will

multiply thee.

HEB 6:16 For men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is

to them an end of all strife.

HEB 6:17 Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise

the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath:

HEB 7:21 (For those priests were made without an oath; but this with an oath by

him that said unto him, The Lord sware and will not repent, Thou art a priest

for ever after the order of Melchisedec:)

HEB 7:28 For the law maketh men high priests which have infirmity; but the word

of the oath, which was since the law, maketh the Son, who is consecrated for


JAM 5:12 But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven,

neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and

your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

REV 10:5 And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted

up his hand to heaven,

REV 10:6 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven,

and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are,

and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no



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